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‘Thank you for contacting myself’

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RHTawneyonabus Sun 30-Jun-19 10:37:01

Someone who drafts letters for me to sign is always using ‘myself’ or ‘yourself’ when I would use ‘me’ or ‘you’ I really hate it but despite some gentle prompting they keep doing it. Could anyone who is better at grammar than me explain why I hate this so much, or is it just a personal preference thing? Thanks!

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bilbodog Sun 30-Jun-19 11:13:58

You hate it because it is WRONG! So do i

Doyoumind Sun 30-Jun-19 11:18:23

Yes, you hate it because it's wrong and people who do it trying to sound intelligent or whatever it is reveal exactly the opposite about themselves.

campion Sun 30-Jun-19 12:57:16

Yes, it's wrong.

For whatever reason,many people have grown up thinking that 'me/ you' isn't 'polite' hmm This is, presumably, because they've never been taught when to correctly use each. So 'myself/yourself' crept in and has become commonplace. The same people probably say/write 'speak to Mr Blank or I...' although they'll more likely insert 'myself' these days.

Don't be gentle, OP.

SingingLily Sun 30-Jun-19 13:05:14

Myself is a reflexive pronoun. It can never be used unless the sentence already contains I or me, I.e. "I could do that myself".

"Thank you for contacting myself" actually means "Thank you to me for contacting myself", which makes no sense whatsoever.

Reallybadidea Sun 30-Jun-19 13:08:12

This is a good explanation:

I doubt that it will do much good: reflexive pronoun misuse has become so widespread that the words "you" and "me" just sound wrong to many people.

bilbodog Sun 30-Jun-19 13:17:37

Sadly ive heard both prince william and harry use yourself/myself so i dont think we stand a chance any more!

fedup21 Sun 30-Jun-19 13:20:05

I wouldn’t be signing any letters with myself used like that!

Who is writing it? Tell them it’s wrong-problem solved.

RHTawneyonabus Sun 30-Jun-19 21:15:48

Thank you all! It’s very useful to have this information. I can now refuse to sign it on the basis that it is wrong rather than me having an unreasonable preference (which is what has been suggested).

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MerdedeBrexit Wed 17-Jul-19 13:05:25

Arthur in "Cabin Pressure" at least is funny with it, though unddoubtedly wrong!

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