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There is no such word as...

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rageymcrageface Wed 12-Sep-18 19:50:42


Where in God's name has this all come from? It's so rife on these boards. So many times I've been reading a perfectly reasonable, eloquent post, only to come across one of these "words". I actually fear they will become recognised words and end up in the Oxford Dictionary, just like "selfie". There's probably more that I've forgotten.

I don't claim to be a grammar expert, but these literally aren't even words! I knew I'd be slaughtered if I posted anywhere else about it, so here I am. Does it infuriate anyone also beyond belief? I can't articulate how it makes me feel!

rageymcrageface Mon 05-Nov-18 17:36:54

Someone selling their house on Right Move...

Ginazon Mon 05-Nov-18 17:46:15

Dd (8) was in the kitchen doing home work and shouted through ‘does a lot have one ‘l’ or two?’ DH shouted back ‘one’ and it was only because of threads like this, and that cartoon, that I realised I had to clarify that it was two words and not one. I can’t remember ever seeing it used seriously. Maybe I’ve been on here too long and my eye skims over it now.

Ginazon Mon 05-Nov-18 17:47:13

I’m now annoyed that I/autocorrect put a space in homework.

FrogsSpawnofSanta Mon 05-Nov-18 17:53:52

It's the use of Am instead of I'm and been instead of being that annoy me.

ErrolTheDragon Mon 05-Nov-18 18:11:39

Assuming your DS didn't actually mean 'allot', Ginazon, but that's unlikely to occur in an 8yo's homework.

WontonSoupForTheSoul Mon 05-Nov-18 18:18:25


iklboo Mon 05-Nov-18 19:09:26

Imma gonna.

Ginazon Mon 05-Nov-18 19:09:36

Errol grin I didn’t check the context I have to confess.

rageymcrageface Thu 06-Dec-18 18:20:32

It's rife out there today!

Amfeelingfline Sat 02-Mar-19 11:30:13

President instead of precedent...

Danglingmod Tue 19-Mar-19 22:23:33

Worse... I keep seeing "apart" instead of "a part"... They actually have opposite meanings so it's very confusing to understand what is meant.

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