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'Wouldn't' and 'do' together?

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Hushabyelullaby Tue 11-Apr-17 19:53:40

There is a radio advert on at the moment which drives me mad every time I hear it. Harvey Keitel voices the character Winston Wolf (from Pulp Fiction), and he has a New York accent (not sure if that matters).

He says the sentence 'we wouldn't want that now, do we?'. Surely it should be either 'we wouldn't want that now, would we?' or 'we don't want that now, do we?'.

What would/do (pun intended) you say?

I feel ok mentioning it here, this is pedants corner after all!

MaisyPops Fri 14-Apr-17 08:50:17

Wouldn't + would we
Don't + do we

Hushabyelullaby Fri 14-Apr-17 17:53:19

Thank you! I know it's irrational to be annoyed by it, but I felt I could vent here as it is Pedants Corner after all

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