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This is wrong, right?

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NightWanderer Thu 02-Mar-17 03:58:47

My coworker always writes his confict-of-interests statement at the end of papers as "The first author or any other coauthor has no conflicts of interest".

I keep changing it to "The first author and all the coauthors have no conflicts of interest", but he changes it back.

Is it ok? I'm starting to doubt myself here. It seems grammatically odd to me.

CaptainCabinet Thu 02-Mar-17 04:01:55

Yep that's wrong.

I think the best formulation would be: neither the first author nor any of the co authors have...

NightWanderer Thu 02-Mar-17 04:45:38

Thank you! I was using that but worried it sounded a bit too British. I'm sure American use neither...nor... too though. I over-think things sometimes.

Coworker's English is great but he's a non-native speaker.

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