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Please help me find the word for give and take

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TheExMotherInLaw Thu 03-Dec-15 20:32:11

I am trying to write an email and can't remember the words I need to use.
I want to write 'You have given two clear options, seemingly with no .. I want to say that there is no room to discuss a middle way, room for manoeuvre, leeway, but that's not quite the word.
Can anyone help, please?

Orangeanddemons Thu 03-Dec-15 20:33:33


MaisieDotes Thu 03-Dec-15 20:34:00


MaisieDotes Thu 03-Dec-15 20:34:28

X-post orange smile

Orangeanddemons Thu 03-Dec-15 20:35:42

Or you have presented me with a fait accompli.

Hassled Thu 03-Dec-15 20:39:05


TheExMotherInLaw Thu 03-Dec-15 20:42:10

Compromise - that was it! Many thanks!
It wasn't on the tip of my tongue; I think it was hiding behind a filling.

AgentProvocateur Thu 03-Dec-15 20:43:21


Istanbulla Thu 03-Dec-15 20:46:26

Flexibility for discussion;
Room for negotiation;
Opportunity to reach mutual agreement?

GonzoFlyingProducts Sun 06-Dec-15 02:10:19

Slams in with "Hobsons Choice" !

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