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"go shine in the world"

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EcclefechanTart Mon 09-Nov-15 23:34:00


DadDadDad Tue 10-Nov-15 10:57:30

"go forth and multiply"
"go tell it on the mountain"
"go set a watchman"

Is it only me who just thinks of Bible phrases when I think of this construction?

DadDadDad Tue 10-Nov-15 10:58:50

Interestingly, eccle, you are being colour-coded as the original poster on my screen, so this is your thread now.

HubertsBirthdayStick Tue 10-Nov-15 11:05:27

I've never heard this before.

Where did you hear this?

DadDadDad Tue 10-Nov-15 11:12:44

Who are you asking? The poster who created this thread somehow bizarrely didn't actually create a post, so we've no idea unless they return where it comes from. (Well, we could try googling it...)

BiscuitMillionaire Tue 10-Nov-15 11:16:26

It's the school motto of the school where the new headteacher insisted that pupils walk in the corridoors with their hands behind their backs. It was in the news (and another thread).

awful Americanism

eddiemairswife Tue 10-Nov-15 11:25:36

Shouldn't it be, "Go and shine in the world."?

DadDadDad Tue 10-Nov-15 11:29:00

I'm not attacking you, Biscuit, I'm just curious to know why you find it awful: is it purely because you associate it with American English, or do you find the "go" + VERB construction odd, or is it the sentiment of the whole phrase?

EcclefechanTart Tue 10-Nov-15 17:32:50

I didn't start this thread! I promise. I posted a "YABU" in response to the mysterious blank post. I'm sure there were two of them, as well.

EcclefechanTart Tue 10-Nov-15 17:35:06

Anyway, as it's now apparently my thread, AIBU to think there should ideally be a "to" or an "and" between the "Go" and the "shine"? It's not like "go forth and multiply" really, is it?

ThenLaterWhenItGotDark Tue 10-Nov-15 17:35:28

There were 2 of them Eccle.

I was convinced it was some weirdy subliminal message aimed at PC!

PacificDogwod Tue 10-Nov-15 17:36:32

Go figure.


DadDadDad Tue 10-Nov-15 17:39:00

I know, eccle, if you look at the list of threads on PC, you can see two with this title and they are not started by you. But because they were created with zero posts, the colour coding marks you out as if the OP

EcclefechanTart Tue 10-Nov-15 17:49:03

Hmmm... They were apparently started by JessieMcJessie. Jessie, do you have anything to say for yourself?

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