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WMittens Mon 14-Oct-13 16:41:30

Are the Talk Topics supposed to be in alphabetical order? They start that way, but then 'Sporting events and 'Special needs' are mixed in and about the Ps, and I'd say 'Products' should appear after 'Product tests and surveys'.

I'm happy for 'Local Talk' and 'For Sale / Wanted' to appear at the end, but why is 'LT' before 'Work' yet 'FS/W' after?

While I'm on the subject, there shouldn't be spaces either side the forward slash in 'For Sale/Wanted', and can we have consistent capitalisations? 'Body and Soul', 'Feed the World' and 'Bloggers' Talk' have what I deem to be correct capitalisation (as a title), whereas 'Special needs', 'Mumsnet stuff' and 'Other stuff' only have their first letter capitalised.

And I've just noticed at the top of the page, 'Last Day' is in proper case but 'Last hour', 'I'm watching', 'Getting started' etc. are not.

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