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BettyBotter Mon 09-Sep-13 22:13:27

So, what is the correct adverb for lovely?

Your nastursiums have have come up lovely ? Sounds all wrong.

TheGirlOnTheLanding Mon 09-Sep-13 22:22:54

'...beautifully' would be a safer bet!

Cooroo Mon 09-Sep-13 22:24:58

Nastursiums are bothering me. And lovely just doesn't have an adverb. So they are lovely. If they came up beautifully doesn't that describe the act of coming up rather than their final appearance?

TheGirlOnTheLanding Mon 09-Sep-13 22:31:47

Nasturtiums. And yes, beautifully would be describing how they came up, but I can't see how else an adverb would be used but in that sense in the OP's phrase.

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