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Aww My Head Hurts! Use of apostrophes.

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TheSunTheMoonTheTruth Wed 07-Aug-13 22:05:38

I have alway got them. I understand them. I know them. I preach them.

And then suddenly about a week ago, I looked at the word 'its' and I have forgotten how to use them. I mean, what the actual fuck? How can you just forget after 30 something years? I have been editing work for years. How can I just lose such a fundamental piece of knowledge; it's cement in my brain!

Yes, I know, I know - I have just used it. But, there are occasions now in the last week when I cannot figure it out; literally there is a blankness where concrete was.

My question therefore is:

"'s website".


"...its website".

<panics over early loss of memory>

Inertia Thu 08-Aug-13 08:41:43

I think we should invent a new kind of punctuation to prevent the apostrophe having two jobs . The apostrophe could then be used to indicate all possession (say) and the new punctuation could indicate contractions ( and perhaps abbreviations too, freeing up full stops from that chore ).

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