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Please would you advise?

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BeccasBridesmaid Thu 04-Jul-13 13:29:59

Hello all,

I am writing a letter to my DS's new school, to request an afternoon off in order to attend a family wedding. Yes, the bride and groom have no children so didn't think about school holidays (understandably!).

This is what I am planning to write. Please would you let me know if the grammar and syntax are correct. If they're not, please correct me!

Thanks in advance smile

^Dear Mrs. HT,

I am writing to request permission to take DS out of school for the afternoon on Friday 06 September. His aunt is getting married, and it would be greatly appreciated by all the family if DS were able to attend.

I appreciate that this will only be DS's third day at the school (he will be in class XXX), and would of course be happy to cover any schoolwork he may miss.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Yours Sincerely,

BeccasBridesmaid Thu 04-Jul-13 13:30:15

Oops, italics didn't work, sorry!

Baconsarnie Thu 04-Jul-13 13:35:30

Looks good to me!

BeccasBridesmaid Thu 04-Jul-13 14:12:13

Thank you Bacon!

Love the name, although I am now craving one... grin

jkklpu Sat 27-Jul-13 18:36:34

- don't need the 0 before 6 September
- don't need the comma after "... getting married ..."
- instead of repeating "appreciate", maybe say "I recognise"?
- don't need the comma after the closing bracket
- I wouldn't say "Thanks you for your time" - just delete that sentence.
- "sincerely" has lower-case 's'

FriskyMare Sat 27-Jul-13 18:43:50

How old is your DS? If in primary wouldn't bother mentioning catching up on schoolwork, we have a good chortle over nursery parents who feel the need to justify wanting time off

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