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Is there a plural to yes?

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mrspremise Sun 22-Sep-13 10:40:19

responses in the positive/negative

WMittens Sat 14-Sep-13 16:18:49

There is no plural as "yes" is a noun only if you're an X Factor judge.

The authorities on the English language disagree with you.

tigerdriverII Thu 12-Sep-13 08:14:21

There is no plural as "yes" is a noun only if you're an X Factor judge.

RhondaJean Thu 12-Sep-13 08:11:25

I would say yeses out loud (and my iPad doesn't want to autocorrect it to anything else) but it seems so wrong written down.

Ten people are coming so far!

ThreeBeeOneGee Tue 30-Jul-13 15:59:37

I've had ten affirmative replies...

HintofBream Tue 30-Jul-13 15:56:39

I meant yeas of course.blush

HintofBream Tue 30-Jul-13 15:52:11

Yaes and nays?

Cooroo Sun 28-Jul-13 09:23:17

Yeses for me. Looks a lot less weird than 'nos' (don't be tempted to add any apostrophes! But putting it in quotes helps.)

GummyLopes Sun 28-Jul-13 00:57:18

Shit Yeah, is what I normally say.

jigglybits Sun 28-Jul-13 00:53:11

"yesses" or "yeses" I believe- according to MW Dictionary online- would go with the canny lass above's suggestion..less odd!

AMumInScotland Fri 28-Jun-13 12:00:08

I'd more likely say "I've had 10 acceptances" and get around it that way grin

ShowOfHands Fri 28-Jun-13 11:58:34

Ayes and noes. grin

GuffSmuggler Fri 28-Jun-13 11:56:11

Oh ok, thanks. It just looks so odd!

GrimmaTheNome Fri 28-Jun-13 11:55:05

Yeses is the correct plural of yes. Perfectly acceptable to say '10 yeses'.

GuffSmuggler Fri 28-Jun-13 11:45:35

I don't think you can have yes as a plural can you? If I'm arranging an event and I have 10 people accept, I can't say: I've had 10 yeses (sp?).

I should say: I've had 10 people say yes.

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