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It's lunchtime, surely?!

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Scottishtanguera Thu 31-Jan-13 12:28:26

It's that time of day when people start talking about going off for their "dinner" and it being "dinnertime" and I start to grind my teeth.

So, I've come on here to a)ask the question of where this nonsense started and b)have a rant, basically.

I'm from Scotland - obviously - so dinner is always, always the evening meal. Breakfast, lunch, dinner -no variations. Imagine my confusion when I moved here. And years later I still have to bite my tongue, especially when my mil refers to my dc having their "dinner" when it's sandwiches. I can just about accept it IF it's a cooked meal at lunchtime - but sandwiches??How the fuck does one "dine" on what is essentially finger food??" confused

Why does it annoy me so much? I don't know, but quite possibly it's the way I'm treated like a mental case when I correct people and being forced to call my dinner "tea" because these mad people will get confused. <sigh>

I've had all the arguments - I usually get the "school dinners" thing, and yes, I called it that - in Primary School when it was a cooked meal. But not as an adult, never. I try to get people to see sense: "Look at the menu - breakfast menu, LUNCH menu, DINNER menu - see?!" I wail, and, "what do you think you're going to get when you book a hotel for 'dinner, bed and breakfast'??", but no-one listens(or cares) so I have come to Pedants' corner for some much needed common sense empathy.....

Ahh, feels better already.

Disclaimer:my first long Pedants' Corner post - be nice. <worried about spelling/grammar>

Wolfiefan Sat 23-Feb-13 16:24:56

SE of England.

BackforGood Sat 23-Feb-13 16:28:23

Midlands born, but of Welsh Parents, so not sure where my 'language roots' are smile but it's

Breakfast, dinner, tea

in our house. I will concede you might 'go out for dinner' in the evenings, but I personally would say "Go out for a meal" grin

However, you are right to say that scone rhymes with gone and not bone wink

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