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Chris Packham on 'Winterwatch'

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Mynewmoniker Sat 19-Jan-13 09:55:39

We passed him in the street a few months ago and just said, "Hi" and smiled. He looked at us like something he had just scraped of his shoe. Miserable bgr! Agree about Michaela Strachan; lovely woman in the flesh.

BrianCoxandTheTempleofDOOM Fri 18-Jan-13 22:03:34

ah, thank you peeriebear


peeriebear Fri 18-Jan-13 21:30:00

Briancox, yes The Shetland Islands/Isles or Shetland, just not the Shetlands smile

ggirl Fri 18-Jan-13 20:21:06

nah probably not

discorabbit Fri 18-Jan-13 20:08:36

is it fair to judge him from his student days though?

Wolfiefan Fri 18-Jan-13 20:07:06

I just don't think he really likes people very much!

ggirl Fri 18-Jan-13 20:04:29

He is a bell end..he used to go to same pubs as me in student days ...prize wanker and completely full of himself

discorabbit Fri 18-Jan-13 20:01:06

i used to find him irritating but quite like him now, knows his stuff

Wallace Fri 18-Jan-13 19:57:45

I thought this thread was going to be about him talking about the pinemartens surviving here because there were "less people"

Wallace Fri 18-Jan-13 19:57:07

I say Highlands of Scotland - where I live. As opposed to the Highlands of Zimbabwe (okay Eastern Highlands) smile

Wolfiefan Fri 18-Jan-13 19:38:56

My friend is a fan and approached him. (Think she asked for autograph for her DCs.) He could not have been more abrupt.
Michaela Strachan was a hoot though!

BrianCoxandTheTempleofDOOM Fri 18-Jan-13 19:33:20

I need details and factual evidence of bell-end behaviour please....--am nosy--

ArkadyRose Fri 18-Jan-13 19:31:37

He's a right bellend and not very nice in person. I refuse to watch anything he appears in.

BrianCoxandTheTempleofDOOM Fri 18-Jan-13 19:29:52

The Shetland Isles?


<why am I only finding this out at the grand age of 34?>

peeriebear Fri 18-Jan-13 19:28:59

I love him. He is very at ease with himself and confident.
At least they don't call Shetland 'The Shetlands' like a lot of newspapers/programmes.

Wolfiefan Fri 18-Jan-13 19:28:28

Not very sociable in the flesh!

StuffezLaBouche Fri 18-Jan-13 19:26:41

Oh he's really sweet! I like him smile

BrianCoxandTheTempleofDOOM Fri 18-Jan-13 19:26:21

I love Chris.

Not sure what's wrong with the 'Highlands of Scotland', isn't that what they are called?

NigellaTufnel Fri 18-Jan-13 19:24:27

Oh, I think he's lovely!

Mynewmoniker Fri 18-Jan-13 19:23:03

Wont watch Winterwatch because HE is on it angry. He is so cocky!

bran Fri 18-Jan-13 19:19:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

badtime Fri 18-Jan-13 19:12:15

I agree he is a prat(t?)

However, the Highlands of Scotland can be contrasted with the Lowlands of Scotland.

I have also heard places in other countries referred to as 'highlands'.

Euphemia Fri 18-Jan-13 18:23:54

He's a prat.

MogTheForgetfulCat Tue 15-Jan-13 22:43:38

Referred to 'The Highlands of Scotland'. Twice! As opposed to 'The Highlands of...oh, nowhere else'.

<Disclaimer: I may be suffering from PMT and therefore irrationally pedantic> grin

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