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Pedants should never listen to the radio.

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GrimmaTheNome Thu 06-Dec-12 13:16:10

You should retune to Radio 4. Someone mispronounced the letter 'H' the other day as 'haitch' and so today the offender had to say it properly as 'aitch' a couple of times after a teacher had written in.

MsGoldblum Thu 06-Dec-12 13:13:19

Just had to stop myself hurling my radio out of the window; Robbie Williams' 'Candy' was played and includes the utterly painful refrain, 'what are you doing it for? What are you doing it for?' Repeat ad nauseum.

No, Robbie, no. Now come on.

It's 'why are you doing it?', surely?

Can anybody think of any other creations by such grammatically inept songwriters?

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