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Plural of chief please

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anniewoo Fri 25-May-12 10:34:30

Please all you pedants-Need to know the plural of chief is it chiefs or chieves or both?

BestestBrownies Fri 25-May-12 10:35:18


WowOoo Fri 25-May-12 10:35:57

I'd say chiefs too.

anniewoo Fri 25-May-12 11:05:13

So would i but am neing contradicted. Where is tje best place to look it up. Internet sites some say chieves!!!

tartyflette Fri 25-May-12 21:34:07

It is definitely chiefs.

Nanny0gg Wed 30-May-12 23:20:14

Never come across chieves before!

nickelbarapasaurus Thu 07-Jun-12 13:35:12

it's chiefs.

(and i'm the one who will recommend -ves for most things)
i think it's because it's a foreign word.

nickelbarapasaurus Thu 07-Jun-12 13:35:50


nickelbarapasaurus Thu 07-Jun-12 13:37:07

this looks good
haven't yet seen the answers though...

nickelbarapasaurus Thu 07-Jun-12 13:48:15

rooves - it's sodding rooves !!!!

(just looking at answers)
building trade uses rooves!

(at best that means "either can be used" iss the correct answer)

Madlizzy Thu 07-Jun-12 13:53:18


Nanny0gg Fri 08-Jun-12 09:16:46

Incorrect answers
*What's the plural of 'roof'?
Q4: What's the plural of 'scarf'?
Q21: What's the plural of 'wharf'?
Q26: What's the plural of 'handkerchief'?*

Oh no they weren't.

And does anyone else think the plural of 'giraffe' is 'giraffe'?

Ponders Fri 08-Jun-12 09:22:40

I don't think the building trade can be considered an arbiter of English grammar, nickel grin

The given answers all look right to me

nickelbarapasaurus Fri 08-Jun-12 11:29:06

no, but think about it - they're the ones that make rooves. and mend them etc.

(it says rooves in the CITB book)

Ponders Fri 08-Jun-12 11:43:34

yeah, but that's jargon grin

oh look! the roofs/rooves thing was raised here 5 years ago!

ahundredtimes said roofs, & she is a proper published author so she should know (but of course she is not a builder)

if you put "rooves" into google it only finds "roofs" - some of the links are for roofing firms (of course) & I notice those tend to avoid using the plural of roof at all; just the singular or "roofing"

(& most of the other links are "is it roofs or rooves?" grin)

nickelbarapasaurus Fri 08-Jun-12 13:15:07


deja vu! shock

i'm right though.

fallenangle Fri 08-Jun-12 13:19:47

'Too many chiefs, not enough Indians Native Americans'

Springforward Fri 15-Jun-12 20:12:09


Hassled Fri 15-Jun-12 20:13:56

As I tell DH often, there should only ever be one chief at any one time and it's me. There should be no plural.

ceeco Thu 29-Nov-12 01:05:52

In elementary school in the sixties, we were taught "rooves", was the plural for roof, as was "hooves" for hoof.
I just discovered "today" that it is now roofs, and hoofs (saw it in the paper and researched it).
Imagine my shock after all these years. English grammar rules should remain constant but it seems they don't; shouldn't some things stay the same so that there is something you can count on?
Next we'll discover that 2 + 2 = 5 I guess!

CocktailQueen Tue 04-Dec-12 23:12:28

chiefs. That's the only plural!

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