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New apostrophe blunder

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prism Sun 15-Apr-12 15:31:34

Just saw this in a job advert: "My client who are part of one of the largest communication groups' in the world".

Never seen this before- maybe they think that saying "group's" is in actually wrong, but think they just have to get that apostrophe in for some reason? They go on to make the usual mistakes with "incentive's", etc later on, so they're obviously genuinely illiterate, and not just mistyping.

Where will it all end? sad

anniewoo Sun 15-Apr-12 15:32:31

Never seengrin

MooncupGoddess Sun 15-Apr-12 15:32:50

I saw a sign over a newsagents the other day bearing the words:



ArgyMargy Tue 17-Apr-12 17:53:03

I think it will end by being overtaken by a potentially even more annoying trend that I have spotted - the erroneous hyphen. I have seen it in newspapers and elsewhere, and it consists of a completely unnecessary addition of a hyphen such as "we are in for some lovely-weather" or "she is wearing blue-trousers" or "I had to get-up very quickly". Anyone else noticed this?!

Nanny0gg Tue 17-Apr-12 22:35:32

My client who are???

mummybare Tue 17-Apr-12 22:40:14

If the employment agency's client/clients has/have any sense, it/they will be taking its/their business elsewhere pronto!

iklboo Tue 17-Apr-12 22:51:59

Client who are?! <faints>

Katisha Tue 17-Apr-12 22:58:42

New cafe in our town has a large laminated sign on the frontage saying "baguette's". Don't the signwriters or whoever makes these things correct the brief or don't they know/care either?

Haven't noticed the hyphen thing as yet but no doubt will keep seeing it now!

StealthPolarBear Tue 17-Apr-12 23:01:27

No I have never-noticed the hyphen either

SkiBumMum Tue 17-Apr-12 23:01:30

We done

Every bloody day at nursery handover. DD says it too now. Grrrrh.

poppyknot Tue 17-Apr-12 23:07:28

Just reminded of the Extra Apostrophe in Alice (reading to DD at the moment...)

Ca'n't etc

Such fun!

StetsonsAreCool Tue 17-Apr-12 23:10:54

OMG I saw this too!!

My client who are indeed. SIOB.


And I saw a sign by the the road the other day: Dog's available for rehoming. I'm still wondering what the poor dog did to warrant being given away smile

StetsonsAreCool Tue 17-Apr-12 23:13:11

And I saw an ad that said something about 'the companies expansion'. FFS. Company's!!

And if a job ad has mistakes, that's one off my list to apply to. They're all marketing/writing/proofreading jobs too. OK it might be a numpty at an agency rather than the employer, but still!

Alinta Wed 18-Apr-12 02:50:19

Never mind the apostrophe - what about "my client who ARE" ??

TroubleAndFyfe Wed 18-Apr-12 03:00:02

A newsagent I passed advertised 'Sandwitch's available here' double whammy! grin

MooncupGoddess Wed 18-Apr-12 14:08:09

A deeply traumatic experience here. Yesterday I passed a bus stop bearing the legend "St Barnaba's Church". This is an official sign designed and produced by Transport for London!

If anyone is familiar with St Barnaba I will of course eat my words.

CatWithKittens Wed 18-Apr-12 17:04:53

If anybody had been too familiar with her she would presumably not be a Saint.

MirandaGoshawk Wed 18-Apr-12 20:49:19


StetsonsAreCool Wed 18-Apr-12 21:32:59


prism Thu 19-Apr-12 18:07:08

Yes, the "client are" thing is dreadful too; it's just so happened that the novel misuse of the apostrophe got me. Despite all this the job pays fifty grand- I might apply, just so I can look at them over my horn-rimmed glasses and ask them if they have noticed anything amiss with the advertisement...

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Thu 19-Apr-12 18:23:52

Just saw this in an email from The Gro Store:

With lots of brilliant 5 star reviews from mum's and dad's on our website

Honestly, what is it with these rogue apostrophes?!

TodaysAGoodDay Thu 19-Apr-12 23:11:47

I think when people aren't sure where to put the apostrophes they sneeze over the page and put one in where the splats are. How hard is it to remember that plurals don't have apostrophes?

Madlizzy Thu 19-Apr-12 23:28:11

It makes me twitch.

MrsWembley Thu 19-Apr-12 23:34:31

I remember the joys of teaching/reminding a yr7 class about apostrophes.

Oh, if only I could have a crack at some of these grown-up illiterates.

(Now I'm worried about the hyphen!)

EthelredOnAGoodDay Thu 19-Apr-12 23:36:58

I think many people, who are maybe not so confident in their use of written language, are so used to seeing the misused apostrophe that that they are just not sure where to use them.I must admit though, it makes me want to get my marker pen out.

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