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Hard 'g' in poignant?

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stainesmassif Thu 29-Sep-11 07:55:43

Speaker on thought for the day this morning pronounces it thus. Really?

Pippaandpolly Thu 29-Sep-11 07:59:49

I've always said 'poynyant' and thought that was how everyone said it...will be blush if I'm wrong as I'm an English teacher!

stripeybump Thu 29-Sep-11 08:01:57

No, surely not! Poy-nyant.

CristinadellaPizza Thu 29-Sep-11 08:03:51

I didn't hear that - how odd! Definitely wrong, just looked it up grin

GrimmaTheNome Thu 29-Sep-11 08:05:03

No, really not! You'd have thought a Rev would have got it right, 'poignant' is one of those words heard far more often from the pulpit than real life, isn't it?

SayCoolNowSayWhip Thu 29-Sep-11 08:06:56

YABU grin

Tis definitely poynyant. Speaker should be shot. I suggest a strongly worded letter.

stainesmassif Thu 29-Sep-11 15:59:56

Oh dear, poor old rev. There's considerable extra effort in pronouncing the 'g'.

GirlWithALlamaTattoo Thu 29-Sep-11 16:41:10

I cringed a bit.

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