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Crazy, Stupid, Love

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MediumOrchid Tue 20-Sep-11 13:48:41

This is wrong, isn't it? It should just be 'Crazy Stupid Love', or possibly 'Crazy, Stupid Love', but not with two commas. It would be like saying 'Tall, Green, Trees'. The film poster has:


but IMDB has two commas as does the Rotten Tomatoes review site and I keep seeing it written this way and it's really annoying me!

I know it doesn't actually matter but if you can't complain about these things in pendants' corner where can you?! Anyone else seen any grammatical errors in official-ish places recently and are irritated by them?

OTheHugeRaveningWolef Tue 20-Sep-11 13:49:48

I spotted a grocers' apostrophe on a package in Halfords the other day.

It troubled me hmm

MrsSatsuma Sat 24-Sep-11 01:37:07

It DOES matter. This is why we are here in pedants' corner. grin Apostrophes are my biggest bugbear - especially when a colleague (I'm a teacher) has misused one on a sheet or PPT for their students...when I REALLY have to bite my tongue!

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