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20% of new opening!

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Silverlace Thu 08-Sep-11 14:05:24

Just seen this in a new Saints and Angels shop window on six large printed stickers. I think they mean off. I was tempted to go in and explain but thought the music would be too loud for the shop assistant to hear me.

On the same trip I looked in an Adecco recruitment agency window and saw an advertisment for a School Administrator with two spelling errors in the text.

I don't claim to be perfect by any means but this just makes me angry.

[Not posted here before so crosses fingers that there are no errors in this post!]

mumwithdice Thu 08-Sep-11 16:53:10

I didn't see any errors in your post. I'm amused by the sign though. I'm imagining the door size decreasing by 20% throughout the day.

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