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I am likely to make some mistakes in this post, but I really must say

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yoshilunk Fri 15-Jul-11 16:39:29

as it's safe to complain about it say it here, and I also wonder if anyone else has noticed.

Many people, not just posters here but it seems EVERYWHERE, are typing 'women' when talking about just one woman.

Also 'then' is used where 'than' should be, e.g. 'my child is smaller then hers'.

If just one other person has noticed this and been irritated by it I will feel much better about it.

Please make me feel better.

ElbowFan Fri 15-Jul-11 19:11:30

That is one of the joys of this topic! At least you can say what you feel and get it out of your system without adding a 'correcting' post to the annoying thread which then makes you feel picky!! I'm with you on all spelling -get it right! Use the preview! grin

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