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nana or nanna?

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slowangels1 Wed 20-Apr-11 09:07:25

had DD nearly 2 months ago and my mum wishes to be called nana/nanna. she claims it's spelt 'nanna' but clinton cards disagrees - so, who is right?

Quodlibet Wed 20-Apr-11 09:09:19

Depends how long you want to spend trying to find a card that's spelt the way you agree to IMO. Save yourself the future hassle.

Cattleprod Wed 20-Apr-11 09:09:35

It's not a standard name with a standard spelling like Nanny or Granny or Grandma, it's a nickname, therefore up to you how you spell it.

Itsjustafleshwound Wed 20-Apr-11 09:12:36

nanna sounds correct to me - but good luck finding a card with that spelling

MumInBeds Wed 20-Apr-11 09:21:50

I suggest you agree with her, commiserate that the card makers spell it wrong so say you will probably end up buying cards with Nana on the front but will write 'To Nanna' on the inside.

nickelbaalamb Wed 20-Apr-11 11:07:43

it's normally spelles Nana, i believe.

KnittingRocks Wed 20-Apr-11 11:09:26

I had two nanas and have always spelt it nana - my DC call my mum nana and we spell it with one n too.

However, a lot of the photos frame/knick knacks I've seen have nanna which is annoying!

Moonpig is the answer if you want cards that have the spelling you choose grin.

hocuspontas Wed 20-Apr-11 11:10:05

I think she should stick to her guns and have nanna. If it was more popularised, Clinton's et al would soon realise they were missing a trick. grin

SlightlyScrambled Wed 20-Apr-11 12:08:21

Would it be pronounced the way it's spelt; like Nan-na or Na-na or Nan-a?
I think I'd say it like Nan-na but now I've said it so many times in my head that it doesn't even sound like a word anymore.

slowangels1 Thu 21-Apr-11 09:58:42

scrambled not sure how it would be pronounced as depends on how dd says it when she can talk hmm

nickelbaalamb Thu 21-Apr-11 10:06:46


LoopyLoopsNincompoop Sun 24-Apr-11 10:39:33

DD has a Nana and DH has a Nanna. We manage to get cards for both.

LoopyLoopsNincompoop Sun 24-Apr-11 10:40:02

However, spellcheck likes Nana but not Nanna.

yama Sun 24-Apr-11 10:41:49

I always thought it was Nana.

LoopyLoopsNincompoop Sun 24-Apr-11 10:41:53

Oh, and in Leicesershire-type area they pronounce it 'Nannar'. Sounds ridiculous to me!

BoysAreLikeDogs Sun 24-Apr-11 10:45:02

ha be grateful you don't have a Scottish connection and thus have to locate cards for Grannie in the south of england

purepurple Sun 24-Apr-11 10:46:34

It's Nanna in the north of England

Feenie Sun 24-Apr-11 11:14:06

Ahem - I would rather take the Oxford English Dictionary's word on this than Clinton's (who weren't in the least bit interested in my complaint re a card with 'your' on the front instead of 'you're' - and they say either spelling is fine.

Feenie Sun 24-Apr-11 11:14:51

Lost my 2nd bracket blush - ahh, there it is! ----> )

Feenie Sun 24-Apr-11 11:15:38

Stoke say 'Nann-arr'- aswell, Loopy, sounds strange to me too!

ChippyMinton Sun 24-Apr-11 11:26:50

Nanna here. Which makes sense if it's a pet form of Nanny (double nn).
The dog in Peter Pan is Nana, I think, which might explain that spelling?

Try a different card shop, or make your own cards?

jacquiefisher Sun 25-Oct-15 18:00:56

It's Nanna not Nana! Two consonents soften the preceding vowel - like banner. In Banana the vowel is long.

prism Sun 25-Oct-15 18:17:37

It really ought to be nanna, to distinguish it form a right nana. See also manna from heaven, Lana Turner, panna cotta.

poocatcherchampion Sun 25-Oct-15 18:19:19

The namee gets to choose spelling. IE let you mum choose.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sun 25-Oct-15 18:20:54

Nanna like Anna

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