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"Oryt" and so on... <warning: blood pressure raiser!>

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plupervert Thu 13-Jan-11 15:17:52

Check out the reviews here for some really dreadful spelling and woolly thinking.

It was painful to read, especially "Oryt phone." I am surprised the latter poster knew about "ph", since other posters don't seem to....

<sighs, goes back to flicking invisible bits off dustless dictionaries>

TmiEdward Thu 13-Jan-11 15:21:34

"i have only had this phone for 2 day's and it great, the phone is very good but i have seen the downside to this phone there is no bluetooth and if you want to go on the internet u will have to pay a small amount on the other hand the phone the phone come's at a reasonable price. this phone is also realy good at texting your mates, but it would by good if they did it in another colour such as silver or black to make it look like a blackberry.
Thank's for reading i hope you have taken into acount what i have said."

Three full stops. One capital letter. Two unnecessary commas. Arrgh!

plupervert Thu 13-Jan-11 15:27:07

Hahaha, another great quote. I feel as though I am doing the same sort of "crowdsourcing" research which newspapers asked readers to do, on the expenses scandal! "Who can ferret out the most egregious/bizarre examples?"

Who would want to take advice from this person? I am longing to find a Mumsnetter's review!

P.S. You forgot the missing verb, in "it great"! grin

TmiEdward Thu 13-Jan-11 15:29:43

And it should be three unnecessary commas - "2 day's" is wrong.

My only excuse is that my eyes are bleeding from the slaughter of the English language.

plupervert Thu 13-Jan-11 15:31:18

Oh, I excuse you, and pat your shoulder, and proffer a cucumber-infused face-cloth, to drape across your abused eyes. There, there.

I am feeling a bit better, too, having shared this. smile

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