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Ideas for 'Frozen' themed party games please!!

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KEGirlOnFire Tue 29-Apr-14 10:52:57

DD's 5th birthday is in June and she is having a 'Frozen' themed party (her and millions of others...). I have decided to split them into teams, each team with the name of one of the Frozen characters. I've found the following suggestions for games so far:

- Each team will choose one child to dress up as a snowman using rolls of toilet paper. The team with the best snowman will win a prize.

- Pin the carrot nose on Olaf

- Paint a stack of tissue boxes white to look like a snowman and then they have to throw balls to knock them down (not sure if they're a bit old for this one)

- Musical statue type game - but they all have to stand like they've been Frozen by Elsa. As the children move and are therefore out of the game, there will be a lucky dip bucket for them to go and choose a prize

- Musical bumps

- Dance competition in teams. The best team wins.

Can anyone make any other suggestions? Or be honest and tell me if any of these games sound rubbish, bearing in mind the children will be 5 and 6 (there may be some younger siblings aswell).

There will be lots of dancing aswell and balloon animals. We've witnessed from other parties that they like to race around with balloon swords!! So we're thinking that 5 or 6 games will be enough by the time they do a bit of running around and food...


Clint88 Tue 29-Apr-14 16:23:20

I don't think you need any more ideas! They're great and I'm robbing some for my little dS's party next week, he loooooves Frozen smile

KEGirlOnFire Tue 29-Apr-14 16:47:20

LOL Clint88, rob away and then pop back on and tell me how they went because DD's isn't until June - you can be my guinea pig!! wink

BrieAndChilli Wed 30-Apr-14 13:08:03

Instead of musical bumps do musical trolls (they have to curl up like a rock as the trolls do when the music stops)
We are doing ice towers with square ice cubes and see who can do the biggest tower. Ala kris toff the ice man
I have a heart shaped ice cube tray so am going tomfreeze little heart gems inside and game is to see who can unfreeze heart the fastest.
Steal the carrot -someone is blindfolded and wearing antlers. They sit with a crook in front of them and everyone takes in turns to creep up and try and get carrot without 'Sven' reaching out and touching them, they then swop if get caught.
Make snow globes

BrieAndChilli Wed 30-Apr-14 13:08:44

Carrot not crook

KEGirlOnFire Wed 30-Apr-14 15:07:49

Oh my goodness - those are brilliant - particularly love the Musical Trolls and Heart Gems in Ice Cubes. Also the stealing the carrot - I've got some antlers somewhere aswell!!!

Thank you so much - they're fab smile.

KEGirlOnFire Wed 30-Apr-14 15:09:36

What are you doing for decorating the room?

I've ordered a roll of 'winter wonderland' scene. It's 4ft high and 40ft long and I will attach it to the walls of the room, about 1ft from the floor so that for all the children, it will be like they're in a snow scene.

I've got various other things aswell to help decorate.

PestoSunnyissimos Wed 30-Apr-14 15:20:48

We had this

ice cube curling

game one Christmas, t'was brilliant fun!

HolyDrinker Wed 30-Apr-14 15:31:33

Ooh ooh ooh, I've got an idea stolen from Pinterest.

Buy some cheap blocks of white soap and chuck them in a freezer. Then when frozen, grate them (I used a box grater and it took ages but maybe a good food processor would do it quicker). Hey presto, instant snow! Add a tube of glitter and you'll be a 5 year old's hero.

You can mould it into snowmen, balls etc and add a bit of water to change the consistency halfway through. Great, messy fun.

I usually contain the mess in a large, shallow trofast drawer.

Nocomet Wed 30-Apr-14 15:32:13

Musical iceburgs,
We always used newspaper at brownies, but you could draw white paper ones.

Some big enough for two if your DCs are sensible, makes it interesting.

KEGirlOnFire Wed 30-Apr-14 15:43:19

Pesto, we are going to be splitting the children into teams so that is a possibility!

Holy, it's a fab idea - but there are going to be about 35 kids - I think I would tear my hair out!! LOL

Nocomet, OK, I'm being really stupid I'm sure, how do you play it? I know musical statues and musical bumps...

HolyDrinker Wed 30-Apr-14 15:48:54

Ah, maybe one for a quiet, rainy afternoon with your DD instead then!

What about food? Snowballs for the adults obvs!

KEGirlOnFire Wed 30-Apr-14 16:22:03

Holydrinker, well for food we've decided to pre-pack boxes with the food to save mess and wastage.

I'm either going to get those white polystyrene take-away boxes or white party boxes and decorate with some snowflakes and the names of each child.

Each box will have the following:

1 x quarter ham sandwich
1 x quarter cheese sandwich
Pot of Carrot/Cucumber/Red Pepper
Pot of Pineapple/Strawberries/Grapes
2 x Mini Sausage Rolls
2 x Mini Sausages
Maybe some cheese cubes
1 x Cupcake (Decorated with a fondant snowflake)

There will be some bowls of crisps on the table.

I am meeting with my friend tonight to plan the 'Frozen' birthday cake. I did Peppa Pig last year and made 12 characters out of fondant which were identical to the real ones, but I think making 'human' characters are a bit trickier because I want them to look really real (IYSWIM) so I am buying the characters. Elsa has arrived and I've ordered Sven and Anna.

My DH is making a life-size cardboard cut-out of Olaf (he's lucky that he works in a place where he can do that) so that the children can have their photo taken with him.

I just love love love doing parties. My Mum has a wedding business and is lending me a load of trees etc that she's used for winter weddings. So excited!!!

By the way, I know the kids won't care, I'm doing it for me because I love it!!!

HolyDrinker Wed 30-Apr-14 17:17:16

I'm the same. Huge postman pat themed bash for my 2 year old last year, including cake, postbox and costumes. He wasn't even interested in postman pat by the time the day came! [capricious emoticon]

I'm sure your daughter will have an amazing time and will remember it forever. Lunch sounds great, but you've got to have ice cream surely for a Frozen theme?

ThinkIveBeenHacked Wed 30-Apr-14 17:24:20

Only game I can think to add is Corners.

Label four corners with areas from Frozen, so
North Mountain
Southern Isles
Oakens Trading Post

Play music (your back turned) and randomly stop it. All kids run to a corner. You call out a corner and everyone in thay corner is out. Keep going til you get down to a few kids. Remove a corner or two. When down to four, they cant go to the same corner.
Last one in wins.

KEGirlOnFire Wed 30-Apr-14 17:40:04

Holy, we're having it in a Village Hall so I need to check that there is a freezer to use (same applies with the Ice Cube game) but if there is then yes, makes perfect sense to have ice cream smile

Think, another fab idea - thank you!!! The entertainer actually did that game at DD's Peppa Pig party last year so that's a great idea. My Sister is trying out DD's party as an entertainer - she normally does discos/party games for children at weddings so this will be her first party. She's fab though so I'm sure she'll do well. She's even got the disco lights that only do white and blue - so it'll look fab!!


PestoSunnyissimos Wed 30-Apr-14 20:55:24

It sounds like it's going to be huge fun. I want to come! grin

BrieAndChilli Wed 30-Apr-14 21:09:56

Where are you buying the room scene? Sounds fab, I was going with lots of big snowflakes, and am buying a cardboard castle from Argos, was going to do the table in tortoise and white, the only frozen party wear I can find is predominately pink so will just have frozen napkins and keep everything else plain.

Food wise I am doing sandwiches cut out with snowflake cutter, snowman spare parts (baby carrots, marshmallows and pretzel sticks), crisps, cupcakes decorated with snowflake sprinkles, snowflake biscuits, blue jelly (if I can find some) fruit princess wands (strawberries, grapes etc threaded onto a kebab stick and topped with a star made out of apple but actually could maybe do snowflake instead, have seen it with star fruit on top ) and was going to make coconut ice 'snowballs' and also crackers topped with cheese slices cut into snowflake shape.
Drink wise was going to do squash with a huge jug of 'melted snowman' water
Have seen some nice paper bags which are blue with silver snowflakes all over which I will use for party bags

Any ideas for party bag fillers?? Will only be 12 girls so can spend a little more on each one

BrieAndChilli Wed 30-Apr-14 21:11:15

Disney website has lots of frozen colouring pages/ mazes etc you can print and also Olaf that you print out and assemble.

BrieAndChilli Wed 30-Apr-14 21:13:44

The giant Olaf sounds brill you don't fancy renting it out?!

You could do pass the snowball, a big polystyrene ball and when music stops they're out

Nocomet Thu 01-May-14 00:40:02

You take away a piece of paper (iceberg) each time the music stops, just like you take away a chair. Child without an iceberg is out.

If you don't have music, you might get Brownies to pretend to row, swim, sail, waddle like a penguin between icebergs sand then blow a whistle or yell SHARK and everyone has to try and get safely on a iceberg.

KEGirlOnFire Thu 01-May-14 07:46:12

BrieandChilli, if you go onto ebay and search something like 'winter wonderland scene' there is a company that does big rolls of 'scenes' (you can add to them but the main rolls are just snow). Only £13 for a roll which is 4ft high and 40ft long!!!!!! That will easily do down two sides of the hall that I'm using. They do a fab one which is closer to 'Frozen' which is more defined snowflakes, but that was £17 and only 30ft. The one I've got is linked below:

For the tables I've gone for baby blue plastic table covers and ordered some packs of snowflake 'confetti' to sprinkle on them. All the food will be in boxes already so I won't need plates/cups.

I did see on Pinterest, bottles of water with the labels covered with Anna and Elsa Lables and 'Melted Snow' on them. I was tempted to try and do some of those.

Loving the idea of cutting the sandwiches with snowflake cutters - although with 35 children invited I may have to scrap that idea potentially because of the amount of wasted bread - LOL!!

For party bags I'm actually doing something not Frozen related because I bought the gifts before DD decided on that theme. I've actually gone onto the Book People and they were doing sets of 10 History books for £10 so I bought three lots. They're things like 'You wouldn't want to be a child in Victorian Times' and things like that. They're 4/5/6 so I thought that would be something they could keep.

I am however using Chocolate Moulds to make 'Snowflake Lollies' using Blue and White Candy Melts so they will each take one of those home aswell.

But if you go onto Yellow Moon, they have a pack of 4 (I think) DIY Snowflake Wands for £2.99!!! I'm tempted to get some of those aswell so the girls can make their own 'Frozen' wands when they get home. Of course the characters don't actually have any wands but still... LOL

Love the idea of 'Pass the Snowball'. Whichever games I go for, for those where they're 'out' I am going to do two lucky dips, one for boys and one for girls (although they can choose from whichever they want) with jewellery from Claires etc so they all get a prize. And loads of bags of Haribos as prizes aswell, or sweets (luckily I have a 'Bookers' card).

Nocomet, Now that makes sense - for some reason I was visioning them having to put paper ice cubes on their heads - no idea why!!! LOL

Pesto, all adults welcome!!!

Googlella Thu 01-May-14 08:18:54

If you want a quiet craft activity they could make glittery snowflakes by paper-cutting.

Have fun smile

KEGirlOnFire Thu 01-May-14 11:07:27

Thank you Googlella, I've just been on to Yellow Moon to see what they have for crafting. smile

So, changed my mind about the party filler extras BrieandChilli. I'm keeping with the book and snowflake lolly but have decided, as the extra little 'Frozen' related thing to make Keyrings for the boys and Bracelets for the girls. Got all the elastic, Keyrings and beads off of Yellow Moon and managed to get Snowflake charms on ebay. 10 for 99p!!!

So the boys will have their names on keyrings (ordered alphabet beads for them) with a snowflake charm on the bottom and the girls will have pretty bead bracelets with a snowflake charm.

That's it - I can't do anymore - I'm done!!!!

One month to go and I hope that it all comes together now!!!

Nocomet Thu 01-May-14 11:08:20

Pass the snow ball is a great idea.

A snowball pass the parcel with layers of white, silver, pale blue paper, cellophane, crape etc could be very pretty for a smallish party.

For a big party you need two going round or it gets boring and it's too much sodding wrapping for my liking.

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