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Ideas for party games for 8 year old girls (disco type party at home)

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whatsthetimemrwolf Thu 24-Nov-11 22:00:56

Hi, dd is having her 8th birthday party at home with 10 girls. We are planning music and disco lights but think I need to have a few back up games in case the girls don't natuarally join in/dance. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you so much in advance!

joanofarchitrave Thu 24-Nov-11 22:13:34

This is a fab book (though unbelievably dated!)

8-year-olds - the BEST age for games. For ds's party we are going to have to go to a community centre, so we can't do the best of all - MURDER. You know the drill - using 10 cards, one of which is an Ace and one a Queen, choose a detective, who says who she is (Ace), choose a murderer who keeps it quiet (Queen). Turn lights out and scatter - parents stay by the light switch with a glass of wine. Murderer chooses a victim and whispers in her ear 'you've been murdered'. Victim has an enjoyable time screaming her head off while murderer slinks away. Detective and parents hear the scream, count to ten and turn the lights on. Everyone comes into one room. The 'detective' questions the guests as to where they were, what they heard, who was in the room with them etc. Everyone HAS to tell the truth except the murderer - you need to ensure they all understand the game doesn't work unless they do. The detective gets one guess - if right, she wins, if wrong the murderer wins. Repeat.

We are using the following games among others:
Pairs - pairs of characters on postcards torn in half and pinned to the backs of people's shirts as they arrive - they ask yes/no questions about their own character and then have to find their pair.

Pictionary - but old-school. Question master has a list of things to draw. TEams in separate rooms race to and from the question master, drawing with pencil and paper until everyone has had a go/the list is finished. Teams of 5 should be fine. Very extreme.

Hunt the ring - sit in the circle, string all round, small ring on string. One person in centre. Ring passed from person to person, she tries to spot it, changes over if she guesses/after 3 goes.

Emergency games - Kim's game; just keep a tray of ? 20 things with a tea towel over it - they look, you cover, take one, uncover, they guess which has gone.

You are liberated from pass the parcel at this age. Rejoice!

joanofarchitrave Thu 24-Nov-11 22:23:47

More emergency games:

Charades - old-school or TV style - I think the latter is better. you'll need a list of things to act though. Pick teams for them.

Sardines. No prep needed smile

whatsthetimemrwolf Thu 24-Nov-11 22:47:34

Wow joanofarchitrave (love the name btw!), please can i come to your DS's party, it sounds very exciting!

This is very useful thank you. Sardines, charades and kims game sound perfect! Whilst searching the mumsnet party threads someone recommended the mummy game - teams of 3 with a loo roll who have to wrap "the mummy" up which I thought sounded like fun! Dp just asked me how much a loo roll costs and if this game will be expensive to play!!!!!

Can you have 'winners' in games? If so, what do they get?

Thanks and looking forward to any other ideas.

joanofarchitrave Thu 24-Nov-11 23:00:34

LOL at your dp. Has he ever actually added up how much a kid's party costs??? I know the first time I did I nearly fainted, and that was 9 kids at home, not a spend-fest! I think the mummy game sounds great.

yes you can have winners - tbh it's up to you. You could just say 'Yay, x has won! Round of applause for X!' and move on. Crazily we are doing an Olympics style theme, mainly so I can make a podium for a birthday cake (really easy) and will do points for teams on a chart leading to final team medals confused You could just have a bag of chocolate coins or something and hand them out fairly freely, or could have some pocket-money toy prizes which go into pre-named party bags to take home. I think edibles are a lot easier, as with toys you get comparing and people moaning which will make you even more homicidal than you will already feel.

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