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Classy hen night ideas

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BlueBumedFly Thu 03-Jun-10 22:45:49

Hi, we are going away to a lovely cottage for my friends hen weekend. She has said she wants to chill and drink champage which is fine but we still need something to do or a theme.

We have all done the tacky stuff before and have moved on ifswim? Ideas so far have been sex and they city - but what do you do other than dress glam and drink cocktails?? Any nice ideas?

Also any good game ideas that don't include the usual mr & mrs (got that one!) or sex quizzy things, no strippers either.

I am making us sound dull I know, we are not just been there done that and now want a really nice weekend away. We are having caterers in for sat night dinner so will be staying in the house.

Thanks in advance!!

fliesby Fri 04-Jun-10 02:27:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nondomesticgoddess Fri 04-Jun-10 14:46:53

I think the 'I have never' game lasted an hour and a half at my hen night and was hilarious!
Who knows the bride best? Get her to think of questions in advance...
Likes/dislikes game - each person gets 4 pieces of paper and they write two dislikes and two likes down - eg mushrooms, shopping, tabloids and Craig Revell Horwood. Each paper is folded up and put in a bowl. Take turns picking one out and guessing (a) who wrote it and (b) whether it's a like or dislike.
Board games like Articulate can be fun.

BlueBumedFly Fri 04-Jun-10 20:34:46

Thanks guys! Ha ha - just dawning on me how funny I have never becomes - really good plan... The more you drink of course!

EugenieSchulmann Thu 10-Jun-10 14:50:39

For my hen night I had a Marie Antoinette theme; it wasn't in a cosy cottage though so you might want something less extravagant! One of my friends got married in the country and on her hen night she went for gorgeous sun dresses, cream tea, cakes, and strawberries - she invited us round for a baking session in the afternoon, and in the evening we watched chick flicks. One of the girls had a camera, so we made a hen night scrapbook for each person, which was a lovely keepsake. (:

lucyloo624 Wed 06-Apr-11 23:24:10

We had a Hen Party booked for a weekend in Bath. But on phoning the Restaurant/Bar to confirm the booking, we were told that they couldn't accommodate us. After being let down like this I had no clue what to do, I then received a call back from a different Manager saying that he could help us out this food, drinks, VIP vault at a local nightclub with Champagne and Cocktails.
If anyone is looking for great Hen Party or just good night out, call All Bar One, Bath and ask for Luke.

rb8888 Sat 09-Apr-11 17:06:56

How about an Alice in Wonderland theme? or a female pirate theme? I just thought of the pirate theme since Johnny Depp's 4th Pirates of the Caribbean movie's going to come out next month Check out this site for ideas for your party theme or this blog for party ideas and party drink recipes. Anyway you want to celebrate it, have fun and my best wishes to you

Asinine Sat 09-Apr-11 17:17:09

Hide and seek?
Run around the garden in the dark with torches?

Seriously, Chinese lanterns, all write something nice about the bride or a wish for her marriage and write it on the lantern then send them of into the lovely countryside darkness.

And champagne cocktails.

Matthew85 Wed 15-Aug-12 14:58:55

Hi, I saw this post and thought I'd chip in for others looking for non-stripper alternatives. You could try Butlers in the Buff ( they are not strippers but have their tops and bums out, so keep your hen party a little more classy than a stripper.

Hope this helps! smile

TashaHCH Tue 04-Sep-12 11:59:40

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

BobbiFleckman Tue 04-Sep-12 12:05:45

god we're all going to hell in a handcart if we have to start hiring planners / consultants to organise a bunch of pals going out on the p*ss

mrsbtobe123 Fri 20-Feb-15 10:58:18

Some really cool offbeat hen ideas here if anyone's still looking:

helpfulharriet Thu 23-Apr-15 12:21:29

Life drawing is always fun and none tacky!! We had a scream at ours, try this one ... my friend used it and it was excellent. Also, I believe they are giving out trial sessions for free right now to spread the word . Good luck

babybouncer Thu 23-Apr-15 22:39:06

I did cocktails (well, technically mocktails as the bride was pregnant!) in the evening for one hen do, but that morning we had each decorated a cocktail martini glass with glass paint and they were then put in the oven and once they cooked, they were 'fixed' so the bride got a set of them. I've also been to a paint a pot place and done a tea set. It was lovely and sociable and very personal and it was easy to chat (or not) while people decorated.

Patatas Thu 23-Apr-15 22:43:05

I have been to a pottery painting hen do, it was fab and a good laugh. You can get people to come with all the gear, paint away and they take it with them to be fired and posted back to you.

Elledouble Thu 23-Apr-15 22:44:45

We had a life drawing class at my sister's hen and it was funny, not seedy.

Murder mystery?

BlueChampagne Sat 25-Apr-15 23:23:50

Got a friend to write a murder mystery for a friend's hen weekend; good fun.

BlueChampagne Sat 25-Apr-15 23:25:29

Races evening with Very Nasty Horse Racing game?

Stealthsquiggle Sat 25-Apr-15 23:27:24

Where in the country? I know a brilliant pottery in Herefordshire where you can make (not just paint) pots, and they quite often have hen parties in. More than happy to link/recommend to anyone.

DrEllieSattler Sun 26-Apr-15 16:15:51

My lovely friend's hen had an amazing game. "How well do you know your fiancé?"
All the girls emailed pics of their partners body parts to the organiser
Hairline, eyes, lips, nose, ears, elbows, knees, navel, feet, hands. Nothing more.
They were all printed out and we had a life sized silhouette (like a crime scene thing) the bride was then presented with 15 black and white hairlines. Her finace's included. All of our partners are no way similar, we had all ethnicities and both guys and girls. There was even a wild card of a friend's dad too!... The bride then had to try and recognise her fiancé. It was hilarious!!!

happygirl87 Sun 26-Apr-15 16:24:02

I went to a murder mystery 30th Bday with amazing food, 20s themed and we all dressed up- was superb! The other thing I loved on my hen was the BMs bought a range of cocktail ingredients and everyone had to create a unique cocktail that summed up my personality- and then I had to drink them!

AngelicaM Wed 06-May-15 19:30:15

DrEllieSattle - have just happened across this thread in a panic about hen party games on a glamping weekend, your body parts photo one sounds fab but I can't quite visualise how it looked, was the silhouette like a stand up card board cut out - did she have to pin them all on to make a whole man? Was only one body part her fiance's?? Sorry, lots of questions but I could see how it might work really well for us as the bride will know all the husbands quite well x

jwhitehall Wed 01-Jun-16 20:38:49

After having Nicky Rox for my sisters Hen Party in October I would recommend her to anyone. The workshop we chose was to bling up shoes. The results were fantastic. It was the quietest I've ever seen/heard that group of ladies ever, we were all so focused on what we were doing. From the feedback I have had from the girls they all enjoyed it very much. Nicky's shoe workshops can be found at

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