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Alternative non plastic party bag - hit me with ideas!

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spikemomma Sat 08-May-10 21:13:58

Can't abide the waste associated with plastic party bags, which get ditched within seconds of leaving a party, yet i don't want to choke the delight out of receiving one.

Only need about 6-8. Can you suggest an alternative, like paper, cloth, cardboard box... so the kids will love them?

What's an alternative?

kimbles1984 Sat 08-May-10 21:16:02

send a plant pot home with them instead with a seed in they have planted themselves, and they can decorate the pot too smile would depend on where you are having the party though ??

MollieO Sat 08-May-10 21:16:53

Paper. I got some off a website last year. Very sturdy and you could order a range of colours. Or you could make them as you don't need many.

cyb Sat 08-May-10 21:18:26

If you have any double video boxes around, wrap them up in wrapping paper but not completely (3 of the 4 sides), slide out video and hey presto you have a gift bag

AnnieLobeseder Sat 08-May-10 21:20:29

I get paper ones from I got the pre-filled ones last time, saved me loads of effort!

trixymalixy Sat 08-May-10 21:21:15

For my son's pirate themed party I gave the kids little cardboard treasure chests. he still plays with his months later.

Hulababy Sat 08-May-10 21:22:43

Still plastic - but not of the bag variety : One year I did plastic beakers. Half filled them with tissue paper, topped them with a mini fairy cake and added 3 or 4 small trinket toy thinks. I then wrapped them in cellophane and tied in a bow.

Last year I bought small plain white cotton bags. The favours inside were things to use to decorate the bag - ribbon bows, fabric pen, sequins, small genstones, etc.

thisisyesterday Sat 08-May-10 21:23:06

just don't do them! i did none at ds1's last party and none of them batted an eyelid

i was going to get them each a helium balloon with their name on, but i forgot blush

kimbles1984 Sat 08-May-10 21:24:03

i like trixymalixy idea! my kids would love them

LynetteScavo Sat 08-May-10 21:25:49

I'm planning on getting some paper ones from a really nice party website. can't remember which one now...blush

moocowmrs Sat 08-May-10 21:25:57

I bought small canvas bags from the clever baggers they was very cheap for a totally reuseable bag the children loved them put their names on in fabric pen and a little picture boys got cars the girls got flowers pop in small gift bubbles or may be a packet of seeds at this time of year, does not have to be a whole packet put a couple in a envelope with a little pot !

LynetteScavo Sat 08-May-10 21:26:55


MollieO Sat 08-May-10 21:29:31

What a lovely website LynetteS smile. Definitely be using that for ds's party.

spikemomma Sat 08-May-10 21:55:38

Wow ladies, thanks for the speedy responses - you're great! I meant to say it is for an all boys party. I doubt they'll even batter an eye lid as they will be too busy play fighting! (sigh).

Meglet Sat 08-May-10 21:58:25

I agree.

You could see if a market stall would sell you a handful of brown paper bags. Your dc could decorate them and they can be easily composted when finished with.

Seeds are nice idea for party bags smile

Ivykaty44 Sat 08-May-10 22:03:57

A packet of cress and a plant pot

tootootired Sat 08-May-10 22:08:45

Paper bags from ebay, I filled up with:piece of cake, balloon, pencil, stickers.

(That was about 3 parties ago when I was still bothered)

Also the Horrid Henry kit from Book People is quite good if you can get the £15 deal - you can only use it once though!

zapostrophe Sat 08-May-10 22:14:22

Message withdrawn

trixymalixy Sun 09-May-10 11:20:28

the kids absolutely loved these

Jaybird37 Sun 09-May-10 20:18:56

I did not give party bags for my kids parties. I think they are a huge waste of money. My hospitality and the party is the reason they come just like grown-up parties.

I have to admit to getting mixed reactions. One mum told me that she admired me breaking the party bag tyranny.

Another mother phoned me to let me know that her son had not received a party bag. When I told her he had not been left out, I just did not do them she told me not to worry; she had sent her husband out at 6pm on a Saturday night to buy him a replacement. I assured her I was not worried.

liliputlady Sun 09-May-10 21:22:58

You could have a lucky dip on the way out - no need for wrappings just box full of shredded paper for them to pull prezzie out of.

Instead of a goody bag you could use a cheap pencil case with sweets in, a boy's wallet, a themed flannel(eg. Superman)bunched round a small bag of sweets.

Or, even simpler and have no goody bag!

blowninonabreeze Sun 09-May-10 21:25:54

I recently made cotton draw string ones after seeing the on this site

I did use that site for some of the filling and was very impressed with their service

Riponite Sun 09-May-10 21:29:03

I got big helium balloons off Ebay - whale ones as DD wanted Snail & The Whale party - and got them blown up in town. They got one to take home plus a tiny present out of the pass-the-parcel. We just ate the cake at tea, it seemed easier. Everyone seemed pleased (children aged 5)

frazzled74 Sun 09-May-10 22:28:01

last year i gave small present for each guest skipping rope for girls and small football for boys, cost £1 each and kids all seemedd happy.

neolara Sun 09-May-10 22:32:26

We had fabric bags which the kids drew on with fabric pens as part of the party.

Although one little boy did ask on leaving "Where's the party bag. No, not this (fabric) bag. Where's the bag with all the good stuff".

I HATE the tyranny of party bags.

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