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1980s party, Need ideas for drinks and food please

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bunny3 Wed 23-Dec-09 16:26:07

We are having a 1980s party for dhs 50th shock. About 30 people coming and I need ideas for food - I think lasagne / chilli were popular then were they not? What retro drink / cocktail can we start evening off with? I cant remember what I drank in the 80s, probably becasue I drank too much of it!! blush. Please help me where Google has failed me.

ChickensHaveNoTinsel Wed 23-Dec-09 16:28:29

Cinzano? Babycham? Or were they 70's? <born in '78 smuggery> Perrier! Erm...fondue's were popular at my parents house during the 80's.

GossipMonger Wed 23-Dec-09 16:29:39



a cheese and pineapple hedghog!

cornysxmasmuffmusic Wed 23-Dec-09 16:30:06

blue bols
pina colada
mateus rose

giddyupRudolph Wed 23-Dec-09 16:30:28

Viennetta for afters. Or black forest gateau.

Prawn cocktail to start.

Grolsch (and you have to put the caps on your trainers)

bunny3 Wed 23-Dec-09 16:33:24

Thank you for all your responses. Now, its all a bit hazy but I am pretty sure most of the suggestions were 70s not 80s (hate to be pedantic but we threw a 70s party a little while ago and had all the things you have listed).

what on earth did you do with grolsh bottle tops???

HugeBaublesWhatDidISayRoy Wed 23-Dec-09 16:39:46

Arctic roll !!!

HugeBaublesWhatDidISayRoy Wed 23-Dec-09 16:42:32

a shitty old soda stream

bunny3 Wed 23-Dec-09 16:46:00

soda stream!! Yes. I remember filling those bottles up with booze and taking them to school with by best mate. We drank them and she threw up in assembly blush. Deffo 80s. Artic roll, yes also deffo 80s and on constant special offer! That'll be a cheap pud then!

orangina Wed 23-Dec-09 16:49:48

Pernod and blackcurrant.


HugeBaublesWhatDidISayRoy Wed 23-Dec-09 16:51:36

what about a walls vienetta, that was 80's too i am almost sure.

bunny3 Wed 23-Dec-09 16:52:39

Oh yes I remember pernod and black and snakebite and black too. Was blackcurrant a new discovery? And Pils and lime, god I drank loads of that!

orangina Wed 23-Dec-09 16:52:52

little vol au vents with chicken and mushroom in them

bunny3 Wed 23-Dec-09 16:53:43

Vienneta was considered posh in our house! Very sophisicated ,like ferrero rocher. PMSL

meep Wed 23-Dec-09 16:53:54

grolsch bottle tops a la Bros!

peach snapps, vodka and lemonade!

meep Wed 23-Dec-09 16:54:27

b*gger, link didn't work - will find another byt baby wailing!

HugeBaublesWhatDidISayRoy Wed 23-Dec-09 16:54:35

linky not worky

stressheaderic Wed 23-Dec-09 16:57:21

Black Tower wine
Lots of food on sticks

Wow, I'd love to go to an 80s party

ReindeerInaSkoda Wed 23-Dec-09 16:58:12

Sol or Corona with lime wedged into the neck of the bottles.

BalloonSlayer Wed 23-Dec-09 16:58:20

Beaujolais nouveau?

Anyone remember all the twats doing the "Beaujolais Noveau Run" to France in the 80s? There was some kudos to be had for being the first jerk back with a case of undrinkable piss.

BalloonSlayer Wed 23-Dec-09 16:58:50

Garlic Bread!

(it's the future!)

orangina Wed 23-Dec-09 16:58:57

I have a hazy memory of stuffing petit pois with boursin at some point in the 80s.....

(didn't I have anything better to do?!?!?!?!)


ReindeerInaSkoda Wed 23-Dec-09 17:00:36

Noooooo orangina! That's insane! But yes, little canapes of some description would be apt.

BalloonSlayer Wed 23-Dec-09 17:00:42

Chicken kiev? You could get those mini kievs if you want party food.

Vol au vents

Satay sticks

Chicken tikka pizza

< yum >

< plans 80s party of own >

orangina Wed 23-Dec-09 17:01:51

pinwheels of ham and philadelphia cheese might be easier....

(I'm blushing again)


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