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[Swear deleted] - Fancy dress while hugely pg...

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MrsBadger Thu 03-Dec-09 21:13:54

So work, in their infinite wisdom, are organising a murder mystery party for our Christmas do.

I was quite looking forward to this as I do enjoy the odd bit of dressing up, and flatter myself I am not in bad shape considering dc2 is due in six weeks (neat bump and unusually generous cleavage).

There were hints that it might be either 1920s gangster or 1950s Hollywood themed, so with this in mind I was watching some rather luscious maternity evening dresses on Ebay, eg this one, which would have been fabulous for a Monroe-a-like starlet, or this one with long pearls for a flapper.

Now, however numbers have dictated that the theme will either be Victorian or Horsey.

Obv a certain amount will depend on which character I draw to play (if it is Madame Jojo the exotic dancer I will get that white dress) but I just cannot visualise anything Victorian that is compatible with a bump, let alone what the committee members of a riding club whose president has just been murdered should wear.

Clever ideas and sympathy will be received with thanks...

(and obv I have nothing in my wardrobe that fits except 2xjeans, 1xcombats and 7x dull maternity tops)

AitchTwoToTangOh Tue 08-Dec-09 10:50:23

have you thought about a bustle? cushion pinned under the back of the skirt/s?

MrsBadger Tue 08-Dec-09 10:56:56

tut tut, Aitch, bustles were right out by 1899 and everyone was going for the pouter-pigeon s-shaped monoboob silhouette

and I am not going into labour on Saturday, no no no

no no no

AitchTwoToTangOh Tue 08-Dec-09 11:08:06

dunno mrsb, i'd have thought a woman of your age with a big poofy son and a shagger for a husband would have lost interest in fashion. grin

AitchTwoToTangOh Tue 08-Dec-09 11:11:04

lol that i even checked, natch

according to that site there were two bustle periods. they're taking it very seriously.

AitchTwoToTangOh Tue 08-Dec-09 11:12:22

that other plate was from 1899 btw.

MrsBadger Tue 08-Dec-09 11:31:01

[squints at URL] 1889

we are in the Belle Epoque...

I am still In My Prime, don;t you know, and may possibly on the hunt for another husband (there is a dashing Flashman-a-like cavalry officer on the guest list)

AitchTwoToTangOh Tue 08-Dec-09 13:30:44

oh yes, sorry, i was the one getting mixed up, i thought you were looking for 1889, must get new glasses.

1899, eh? quelle drag.

so are you playing this role as pregnant or fat?

MrsBadger Tue 08-Dec-09 14:29:24

will wait and see what my Character Envelope reveals on saturday night - I think Just Fat will be the way to go...

AitchTwoToTangOh Tue 08-Dec-09 14:35:31

oh god at 'character envelope'.

lilolilmanchester Mon 14-Dec-09 11:49:19

given that you are heavily pregnant, you could ask the organisers to fix it so you get a character you can do more easily? Else ignore altogether and go as the virgin Mary? Seasonal if nothing else!

MrsBadger Mon 14-Dec-09 12:25:19

well I did it

and actually it was not too bad

I played it fat
hung out with Queen Victoria
saw my ex-husband, the Earl, die dramatically by poisoning
discovered he'd got the maid up the duff
chased the dashing cavalry officer, only for him to propose to the newly-widowed Lady (previously Babylon Jojo, Dynamite On Legs)
saw my ballet-dancing son propose to aforementioned maid and promise to bring up his own half-brother as his son
laughed at my boss in a policeman's outfit complete with comedy squeaky truncheon

there was lots of food too smile

photos to follow if you are good...

Swiddle Mon 21-Dec-09 11:59:35

When I was pregnant, I went to a fancy dress party as a nun. It went down well with my crowd (but I guess it may offend some communities). It was easy to do, as I had black maternity top and skirt, and ordered 'instant nun' headgear from the internet - though you could probably make a DIY wimple! (never thought I would type the words DIY wimple...). I know this is neither Victorian or Horsey but may help other people reading this post in your predicament.
Anyway, I think you should plead for a special character, given your circumstances, and dress to suit. Good luck...

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