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Any ideas for DDs 18th???

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lotspot Mon 09-Nov-09 00:10:58

Its not until April but we were discussing it earlier and very low on ideas

Her birthday falls on a Sunday so she can't (and doesn't want to as has friends who aren't 18 until after her) just go on a pub/club crawl as lots of her friends are planning, and quite wanted to have some family come as close to aunts and cousins/2nd cousins so would like to celebrate with them

We have a decent sized garden so could have them all round saturday night but are they all going to freeze their bums off in April??

Hiring a venue probably wouldn't work too well as again, she won't and many friends wont be 18 and she's said that it won't be much fun if some people are drinking and half of them aren't allowed to which is fair enough i suppose

So now I'm stumped - any of you got any ideas for a bunch of teenagers that wont force me to remorgatge my house - I don't mind paying a bit but not an arm an a leg!!for her 21st maybe wink


kcartyparty Tue 10-Nov-09 00:11:35

Brrr outside party in April. If everyone dresses up warm it may be ok.

If you have a party in a hall, and bring your own buffet food, it shouldn't cost too much, and the only alchohol will be brought in by you. Then you can all have fun.

Make it a fancy dress party.

Pop onto Google and look up 'teen party ideas' bet you will find lots of ideas in there

Back in the day when I turned 18, my close circle of friends all decided to do different things to celebrate, so we had the chance to do the clubbing thing, had a takeaway round someone's house, family party, dinner and theatre. I got the posh 3 course meal. My mum, bless her, is a fab cook so she did all the food for us and her and Dad served it to us. We all got into the spirit of it and dressed up in cocktail dresses and dickie bows. Made it a bit special.

liliputlady Thu 12-Nov-09 21:57:44

Nice meal out with close friends on Saturday night and buffet at home for relatives on the Sunday?

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