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Help needed - christening present?

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ClaudiaSchiffer Fri 30-Oct-09 20:20:48

Hi I"m off to a christening on Sunday and have no idea what the done thing is these days re presents? We are friends of the child, but not overly close, also we aren't religious so don't get invited to many of these things. So is it still the case that you buy something silver? Or what ???

Any ideas would be gratefully received. Thanks.

crokky Fri 30-Oct-09 20:33:23

I personally would give some vouchers in a nice card.

I think it's a shame that people get loads of silver stuff that ends up in the cupboard and for that reason, I wouldn't give silver.

giggleloop Fri 30-Oct-09 20:34:23

I get a nice book if I'm insignificant (which I usually am). Mine got lovely silver things from Godparents and some nice heirloom type toys and ordinary birthday present type things from other people. DS1 got 4 moneyboxes but he loves them.

ClaudiaSchiffer Fri 30-Oct-09 21:31:25

oo great thanks, the child is 2 so not a baby so would appreciate a nice book - also we have a lovely bookshop in the village here so convenient and cheaper than a silver photo frame etc etc.

liliputlady Sat 31-Oct-09 15:05:36

And with a book you can write a meaningful message on the inside so they'll remember who it's from.

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