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Idiot halloween questions

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MadameDuBain Wed 28-Oct-09 20:15:17

I know halloween is Saturday (isn't it?) but someone asked DS today if he was going guising on Friday. But you go on Halloween don't you, not the night before? I need to know because the trick or treaters all come round and I need to be ready with the sweets etc. I do actually do it every year but can't remember... blush

Also, at 4 can I get away with keeping DS in and telling him he's not old enough to go out? DP is way too shy to take him, he's also shy and won't be able to memorise a song or joke. And I'm pg and really tired. He's not hankering to go as yet but he will if people keep talking about it.

And while I'm at it, wtf is with all that stuff in the shops? I can do DS a basic costume for nursery, a pumpkin and a few bags of chocolate eyeballs etc for treats... but in Asda you can get whole rubber severed arms and legs with gory bits... and elsewhere I've seen whole massive glowing skeletons, and so on and so on - what are they FOR? hmm?

In my day, etc. <halloween humbug>

HouseOfHorrorMum Wed 28-Oct-09 21:30:45

I would not expect anyone except on the 31st - maybe they got the date wrong?

How well do you know your neighbours? If DS does want to go, just knock on the doors of 1 or 2 neighbours.

the whole decor thing is going mad these day s- admittedly we do have a pumpkin window light, but that's about it.

shonaspurtle Wed 28-Oct-09 21:48:43

If he wants to go then take him round to your immediate next door neighbours maybe? Or a nearby friend?

But yes, i think you can get away with keeping him in. Distract him with dooking for apples and eating donuts hung from a string..

And it's definitely only the 31st but i dare say some kids will boot the arse out of it wink

MadameDuBain Wed 28-Oct-09 22:22:39

ah thank you. good ideas should it be necessary!

shonaspurtle Wed 28-Oct-09 22:37:42

Oh, and if you want a joke you're welcome to this one which dh has failed to get ds (2.11) to memorise...

Two elephants fall off a cliff.

Boom boom!

We're going for Dingle dangle scarecrow instead.

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