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Urgently need party bag ideas for 10yr old girls!

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rinol Sat 24-Oct-09 20:37:19

Needs to be one or two girly items.....thanx

JANEITEPatrickNormanMcHennesy Sat 24-Oct-09 20:41:01

How much do you want to spend? Gel pens and tiny notebooks always seem to go down well with this age. Or pretty hair clips from Accessorise or Paperchase. Or stickers - they love stickers!

Countingthegreyghouls Sat 24-Oct-09 22:07:06

The environmentally friendly approach:

Perhaps the paper fan, lip gloss or satin purses from here:

More unusual items here (mirrors, lip balm):

Or you could go for one big craft set and split it up in to individual units (using cellophane cello bags?):

Postal strike might make it difficult to get things to you quickly though, so could opt for Claire's accessories or pretty bubble bath type things from Boots or Body Shop

cakeywakey Sat 24-Oct-09 22:10:48

Usborne do craft and cookery cards in packs that can be easily split between party bags.

The Book People sometimes do book collections as well that you can split - but it depends on post of course.

Hope the party goes well smile

rinol Sun 25-Oct-09 06:53:12

thnak you all for the ideas...

MaryBS Sun 25-Oct-09 07:10:30

DD was 10 a few weeks ago. I went to claire's accessories and picked up some "5 for £5" bargains. They had bracelets that were £8 included and packs of neon hairbands, and hairslides and lots of other goodies. Well worth a look. All the girls were thrilled, and they had loads of girls coming up at school asking where they got those neon hairbands from! As daughter would say "Skillage!"

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