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Party games for 8 year olds

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Posey Mon 13-Jun-05 20:26:02

Dd is doing trampolining with some friends for her birthday. The "package" at the leisure centre includes an hour in a good sized function room afterwards. There'll be a bit of food and cake, but how to fill the hour? There will be 5 girls and 3 boys. Anyone got any suggestions please?

pabla Mon 13-Jun-05 21:00:44

How about bringing along some music and letting them have a dance about? Not sure how 8 yr olds feel about traditional party games - at dd's 6th birthday some kids refused to join in! Maybe some sort of relay races where they are divided into teams and have to run up and down the hall retrieving things/balancing things?

Posey Tue 14-Jun-05 22:09:27

Thanks Pabla!

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