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dd's 5th birthday party, am I doing the right thing?

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limassol Thu 08-Oct-09 04:33:00

I have just put a deposit on a softplay party for my daughter. I wanted to do a party at home for her but we don't have the space.they go in softplay for an hour then go into another room for food and we can do our own games. It is £12.50 per child which I thought was okay as it is quite an upmarket softplay place and you get partybag and food not too bad.Problem is we can only afford to invite 10-15 kids. DD has only just started school and so she doesn't really know who her good friends will be. Also couple of her good friends from n ursery have younger siblings who I think we should invite. We recently went to another girl's party where everyone in the class was invited!
I can't sleep, keep worrying about etiquette and upsetting people. Any ideas?

kickassangel Thu 08-Oct-09 04:38:27

don't worry about etiquette of who to invite, it varies from house to house so you'll never get it right, do what is best/easiest for you.

when dd's been to things like this, siblings have either not come or the parents of the siblings have paid for them to join in (having checked first)

DO give a def date for replies & make it lcear that no repy = not coming to the party.

whole class invites are rare, and whilst always being accepted get this hmm shock respnse behind the mum's back, so ignore that.

savoycabbage Thu 08-Oct-09 04:39:08

10-15 is plenty. The other parents will love you for not inviting everyone as it means that they won't have to. She won't know who is there and who isn't and it's her party.

Don't invite the younger siblings if you don't want to. I went to a one last week where the mother said to me 'sorry I can't invite your little one, as Horatio is only having 7 guests" I thought it was fine.

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