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6th birthday food boxes

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Carameli Wed 07-Oct-09 11:38:43

dd is having her 6th birthday party on Saturday and wants the following in her boxes:

cheese sandwich
carrot and cucumber sticks
mini sausages
packet of hula hoops
carton of apple juice.

thinking about cherry tomatoes and grapes but is this too much????
DD is as skinny as anything but has a huge appetite.

will have biscuits and cakes on trays to hand around.

but how many sandwiches do I put in each one? I was going to do little triangles so there would be 4 with 2 slices of bread or should I do them even smaller?

will fairy cakes and biscuits be enough or should I do some jellies as well?

liliputlady Wed 07-Oct-09 21:23:23

Sounds great. I think 2 slices of bread a lot for 6 year olds - why not give 1 and have a plate with extras?
To avoid fruit being wasted, in the past I've put a satsuma in each box. The vast majority take one look and leave it. You can then put it back in the fruit bowl at home! But at least you can say they were offered something healthy!

Carameli Thu 08-Oct-09 13:46:51

sounds like a good idea. thanks.

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