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Party venue in Surrey/West Sussex?

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ellensmamma Sat 03-Oct-09 10:06:45

I have just discovered that I "have" to invite all of my daughters 25 class mates to her 5th birthday party. I need a great and cheap venue close to Gatwick/Horley as I can not accomodate them all in my small semi. Anyone know how many voluntairs I need to look after 25 5 year olds? Any other idears on how to avoid complete disater is highly appreciated.


scrappydappydoo Sat 03-Oct-09 10:14:23

Whats your budget??
Wacky warehouse (party includes food)
Donyings adventureland ( doesn't include food but I think you can arrange something with the cafe)
Redhill YMCA do differnt types of parties but I don't think supply food.
Alternatively there are plenty of halls you can hire to do your own thing.
Do you 'have' to invite all her class? could you just a very small birthday tea - more playdate with cake than party??
Just a few ideas

LIZS Sat 03-Oct-09 10:25:54

There are nice halls to hire in Smallfield and Outwood which might be ok if you organise some traditional games and maybe a bouncy castle or St Wilfrid's in Horley Row. You don't need any extra adults but it might help if you can make sure some mums will stay and muck in (at that age some will drop and go , others may stay anyway), maybe 2 or 3. If you want to have something organised so just turn up with food and cake, Ladyland Farm in Horley and Gatton Park in Merstham do themed packages (and of course Godstone Farm if/when it reopens) or Arctic Jungle in Crawley. Or check out the local Family Grapevine booklet for organised entertainers who can offer everything from magic to sport and games at a venue of your choice.

ellensmamma Sat 03-Oct-09 21:16:29

Thank you very much I will check it out. Perhaps Arctic Jungle might do the trick.

ellensmamma Sat 03-Oct-09 21:21:45

Where is Donyings adventure land? We just moved here. We do have to invite them all so it has to be away from home. I'll check out the YMCA, hadn't thought of that thanks. Great ideas.

scrappydappydoo Sat 03-Oct-09 22:11:03

Donynings is the leisure centre up in Redhill - they have a massive sports hall which has a climbing frame at one end and they fill thes rest of the hall with a bouncy castle and various soft play shapes and stuff - might be a teensy bit young for 5 years olds but they'll still get lots out of it.
They also do swimming parties (as does horley anderson) but that might be better for when they're older....

thisisyesterday Sat 03-Oct-09 22:17:53

wacky warehouse is cheaper than arctic jungle if that's a consideration?

happywomble Tue 13-Oct-09 16:45:02

arctic jungle has closed down I think. Not sure why?

Adventureland is good.

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