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Photo cake - with photo and cake delivered to venue (Chester) - please help!

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Waswondering Sat 03-Oct-09 08:44:30

My mother is getting together with her "gals" who all trained together as nurses in the mid 60s. Each year they get together to reminise etc.

For various reasons mum is looking at sorting out a photo cake as a surprise celebration for one of the other girls. The complicating factors are as follows:

1. Mum is travelling by herself from Scotland to Chester, involving 3 trains. She does not do complicated travel without dad, and is very worried about ending up in Hartlepool instead of Chester.

2. Mum has had a prolonged period of poor health involving her shoulders, back and legs. So, she's a bit of a crock and is worried about carrying more than the barest minimum of luggage.

3. She likes the idea of a photo cake but is doubtful about the technology required to transfer topping to cake.

I've suggested she take the topper in an envelope and dispatch someone to M&S to get a suitable cake to affix it to . . . but wondered if anyone had come across an internet site that would do the cake AND topper then deliver to the hotel for her?

Any help appreciated - it's important to her to do this for her friend.

Many thanks!

liliputlady Sat 03-Oct-09 13:00:13

Asda do photo cakes and they also do home delivery on groceries. You could phone a store in Chester to see if they'd let you post a photo to them and they deliver the cake to your Mum - it's worth a try.

flyingma Wed 28-Oct-09 16:50:30

I'd echo the Asda idea as they do nice affordable ones which don't take the piss in terms of prices... esp if there is only going to be a few of them. But I am not sure that there is one near the centre of Chester.

There's a sugarcraft stall in Chester market (right in the centre behind the town hall). I don't know the stallholder but I imagine they might be able to do this or point you in the right direction.



flyingma Wed 28-Oct-09 16:54:25

Oh I was going to say if that fails, I'd go onto the British Sugarcraft Guild forum at and ask for a local member's contact. I think you will have more luck with the stall TBH.

unfitmother Wed 28-Oct-09 16:57:18

Try PJ Davies in Bridge Street, they are a cake shop, I've seen photocakes in the window and they are central.
Where's the venue?

Polgara2 Wed 28-Oct-09 17:07:20

What about Sainsburys? There are a couple of them near Chester.

Idontknowhowtohelpher Wed 28-Oct-09 17:25:37

These people say they will deliver a photo topped cake to any address in the UK. Your mum might need to talk to the hotel to make sure they'd accept it, though.

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