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Opinions on these party ideas please

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NaughtyAlice Thu 01-Oct-09 13:56:58

My DD will be 2 in november and i would like to have a party for her. Stupidly, i assumed i could just book a softplay centre without planning it 2yrs in advance! So, it looks like i will be having a party at home for a dozen or so 18mo to 5yr olds. Here are some idea's i have come up with;

Biscuit/cake decoration (icing pens/marshmallows/sprinkles) I may even make aprons for each child (doubtful though grin)

Party games (like pass the parcel) but are they too young?

Making masks/party hats (mostly decorating them, and then they have something to take home as i am not doing party bags for this age)

If anyone could tell me their opinion on these ideas, i would be very grateful, or if you have any other ideas to add, thanks smile

tigger32 Thu 01-Oct-09 14:09:09

Sounds good to me!

Pass the parcel is great at this age and decorating masks and or hats with glitter, crayons etc will be fun (but messy) as would biscuit /cake decorating.
Just putting on some music and letting the children dance will also fill some time.
Could you have some balloons floating around on the floor for them to play with too?
Sometimes children like to just play with each other rather structured games all the time.
Hope your dd has a great party smile

NaughtyAlice Thu 01-Oct-09 17:32:27

Thanks smile

I am now looking to hire a hall/scout hut as i think that will be better for my sanity than a load of kids in my house grin I think that lots of balloons could be the answer!

ramonaquimby Thu 01-Oct-09 17:35:47

oh no
not crafty stuff for that age (well maybe the 4 and 5 year olds)
will be really really messy

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