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Fancy dress for a 10 month old girl please! (Plus need ideas for 1st birthday party!)

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Honeymoonmummy Sat 26-Sep-09 21:33:57

Hi all,

I'm taking DD to a first birthday party a week today and it's fancy dress. Do any of you have ideas/ good websites for fancy dress? I do have a "Cinderella" dress my aunt bought us when she was born that she just fits into now, but she can't crawl very well in it and the party's in a playbarn.

Also, she's one herself in Nov so if anyone has any good birthday party ideas which don't involve doing it at home (our house is in need of some work!) please let me know.

Honeymoonmummy Sat 26-Sep-09 22:31:42


halleberrysbikini Sat 26-Sep-09 22:32:55

Gap have skeleton pyjamas which would be easy to crawl in. Think it's 30% off at the mo.

gigglewitch Sat 26-Sep-09 22:34:38

we had an angel dress, handed on to us still with m&s labels on, dd wore it with little white leggings and looked adorable.

Tommy Sat 26-Sep-09 22:35:09

there are loads of pyjamas around - for Halloween which would be good for crawling.

As far as her party goes, I would invite your friends round with their children, let the children play and have a birthday cake with your cuppa smile

GirlsAreLOud Sat 26-Sep-09 22:35:38

Oh I've got an angel dress with wings you can borrow if you want. It was from woolies I think, up to roughly 12mo.

MrsBadger Sat 26-Sep-09 22:47:52

yy halloween babygrows in all the supermarkets

I probably have a 12m vampire bat one (with wings and hood) if you are desperate

Honeymoonmummy Sat 26-Sep-09 23:18:10

Ooh GirlsAre Loud, where do you live? Thanks MrsBadger but I want to avoid the halloween ones if I can!

Honeymoonmummy Mon 28-Sep-09 22:01:27


GirlsAreLOud Tue 29-Sep-09 10:12:08

Oops, North Bucks hMM, where are you?

hambo Tue 29-Sep-09 10:14:13

Paint a cat nose/whiskers on her. Sew a tail on a body (half a pair of tights), and put on over leggings!

Honeymoonmummy Tue 29-Sep-09 21:08:58

Thanks Hambo but I bought a small tutu from Claire's today so that's going with a body and a pair of tights! Good idea for next time though! smile

Honeymoonmummy Tue 29-Sep-09 21:10:23

Sorry GirlsAreLoud, I didn't see your post then! I'm in Cheshire so would've had to be a postal job anyway. Thanks for the offer though.

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