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hen nite ideas

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popsocks Mon 21-Sep-09 07:14:57

my sil to be is 5 months pregnant, so wants a meal with friends for her hen night. i am taking her for some beauty treatments in the morning then a few of her friends joining us to see a film in the afternoon, and then have a meal booked for the evening with about 10 friends and a few family. i am looking for ideas for games we can play, as she cant do the usual drinking games. ive thought of one, i was going to ask everyone to contribute £4 each then i can order online some nice and saucy gifts on a site ive found for under £5 each. i would then wrap them and during the meal every time someone shouts stop she would have to unwrap one. do you think that is a reasonable amount each considering they still have to pay for meal and drinks? also need ideas for more games please. am off to work now so will check in later. thanks x

cassell Mon 21-Sep-09 20:10:23

one thing that's worked well at ones I've been to is a sort of Mr & Mrs - you ask the husband to be a number of questions (e.g. what does she most love about you/how would you describe her in 3 words etc) then write each question & 3 possible answers on different cards and get each person to read out the question, the possible answers and the hen has to guess the correct one. You can have a box of chocs or something and the hen gets one for each she gets right.

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