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Ideas for decorating cake for twins naming party

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magnummum Thu 17-Sep-09 09:54:14

Have found someone to make/ice above as I'm the very opposite of gifted in both those departments. However, she's given me so many options I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Just wondered what ideas anyone else might have - they are boy/girl twins and will be 6 months old. Some of the ones I've seen online are a bit of a mish mash of blue and pink - or very yellow! My current thought is a washing line with baby clothes and a decorated board - white cake, lilac icing. Ideas anyone? thanks in advance.

2to3 Thu 17-Sep-09 13:07:44

I'd have two cakes with a name and different decorations on each. That would solve your problem and emphasise the fact that they are two separate children with a beautiful name each (i.e not 'the twins' as many people like to say - shudder!).

More expensive, yes - but maybe you could go for less fancy options to make it cheaper. We always have one cake for each boy at every occasion. Of course your LOs will have no idea at this stage, but as they get older it gets more important. And it's a good message to send out to guests. Maybe your lady could do 'half moon' cakes by splitting one whole one into two? I've done that grin, but admittedly not for a very fancy occasion.

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