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How much for Face Painting -Pro or beginner?

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BlueberryPancake Mon 14-Sep-09 12:48:50

I'm asking this question for a friend. She is thinking about hiring a face painter for a birthday party (5 years old girl) and is wondering if it's worth hiring a professional painter (quite expensive) or a friend who can do it quite well and pay her about £40.

Any of you have ever had a face painter for birthday party? Was it popular/worth it? How much would you be prepared to pay for a pro?

Many thanks!

waitingforfanjo Wed 16-Sep-09 23:49:39

I haven't had one, but I do remember contacting one who looked like she did fabulous faces & she said it would be £50 for a 2-hour party. She was a professional too. So personally I wouldn't pay much more than that, but then I suppose like everything, prices vary across the country. I'm in Cardiff so I bet london/south east is more expensive.

threeandcounting Thu 17-Sep-09 21:25:35


I haven't had any experience of hiring a face painter, but have had lots of experience painting faces! (work seasonal in childrens services in local authority).

There are always lots of children who love to get their faces painted, and in my opinion you don't have to be that artistic to get really good results (especially with the help of a good book, and quality paints!)

Good luck with the party! smile

cornetjo Thu 17-Sep-09 22:37:33

Hi, I work as a professional face painter. The main thing about hiring a professional is that you are getting someone who has Public Liability Insurance, a MUST for anyone who is painting others. They are also very hygienic in the way they work, ie only using one sponge per face. There is definitely a difference in the qualty if work between a professional and someone just "having a go".

I find that face paiting is ALWAYS very popular at the parties I do.

The prices do vary a lot throughout the country, so it depends on where you live.

stuffy2 Mon 21-Sep-09 17:26:45

I totally agree with Cornetjo - Im also a face painter abd the points she has made are very good.

PLI is essential (imagine if a child moved suddenly and hurt their eye, or if the dirty water got knocked all over the cream carpet!!)

Also the difference between a (good) professional and a friend doing it is that a pro can probably work much faster, getting through up to 15/20 kids in an hour, and their paints will be safe FDA approved etc, their hygeine standards SHOULD be exemplary.

A pro would charge about £25 - £35 per hour, but many will insist on 2 hour minimum.

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