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Suggestions for party entertainer for 3 yr old SE London?

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schmostin Sat 12-Sep-09 22:30:31

DD is 3 next month, and my due date for number 2 is almost exactly same date. I really want to do something special so she doesn't feel cheated out of her birthday by the baby. I'm thinking about 10 kids and hope to hire a local hall as our flat's tiny. As I'll be on the point of bursting I want to hire someone for the entertainment. Does anyone have any suggestions of entertainers for 3 year olds who cover SE London?

I've not been to many toddler parties and am not even sure what sort of entertainment would be best. I've found a website for someone who does 'traditional' parties with old-fashioned games etc, and that appeals to me, but would a 'run 'em ragged' type be better, or maybe one of those balloon benders with something else? Any suggestions really appreciated.

schmostin Sun 13-Sep-09 11:06:14


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