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thanked for the wrong present! do i say anything?

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joster Wed 09-Sep-09 18:07:43

We recently went to a five year old boy's party - took a gift of course, but the thank you note we received was thanking us for a different (and almost certainly more expensive) gift.

Should I say anything to the mother (a good friend) or should I stay quiet - I feel bad that they might have omitted thanking the correct present giver and don't want to take the credit for being more generous than we were, BUT, on the other hand I am concerned that if I do tell her, she will then worry, perhaps, who the "nicer" gift was in fact from and I will cause more trouble than it is worth... advice please if you have experienced this situation as either the giver or receiver and how you handled/felt about it!

TsarChasm Wed 09-Sep-09 18:14:33

Oh dear I can so easily see how this has come aboutgrin

Dc whip into the pressies faster than you can keep a note of who gave what. Either that or the tag fall off the present.

I don't think I'd mention it directly, just maybe say 'Oh glad Freddie liked his blah blah. The party was great btw'. It'll all fade into obscurity soon enough. If the mum cottons onto her error just laugh it off and say you didn't notice.

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Wed 09-Sep-09 18:19:01

Yes - say something,
I forgot to take a pressie to a party once and got a gorgeous hand written letter of thanks from the child.. I spoke to the Mum and she said that it was from either me or another mum that she really didn't like and she had assumed it was her that hadn't brought a gift and not me blush
the right person got the thanks in the end..

I would be honest. with a huge smile and a bit of a joke smile

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