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Giving children lollies containing real bugs in their party bags.....

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S1ur Mon 07-Sep-09 19:06:15

A winner? or erm not so much......

Bellsa Mon 07-Sep-09 19:07:15

Ds would adore this.

GreensleevesFlouncedLikeAKnob Mon 07-Sep-09 19:07:43


SixtyFootDoll Mon 07-Sep-09 19:08:08

My DS's would pro love it, I wouldnt though

ramonaquimby Mon 07-Sep-09 19:08:47

hate suckers, I chuck them out when they come home in party bags

themoon66 Mon 07-Sep-09 19:09:01

I saw them lollies in that big posh shop in Birmingham (cannot remember its name). They were VERY expensive and not a party bag item! Something like £10 for a couple of lollies if I remember correctly. shock

nappyzoneisback Mon 07-Sep-09 19:09:16

sorry please explain i dont get it....

TheProvincialLady Mon 07-Sep-09 19:10:26

Just buy normal ones from a really crusty corner shop

hippipotamiHasLost65lbs Mon 07-Sep-09 19:13:20

Oooh, I remember those from when I was a child - grim grim grim (and somehow strangely fascinating)

As for a winner or not so much - that would depend entirely on the children in question. My ds would love it, dd not so much smile

Nappy, they are lollies with a (dead, hygienic, preserved) larvae or grub or other insect inside.
The 'fun' lies in deciding how much of the lolly to lick - do you risk coming in contact with the bug...

look here but not if you are squeamish

nappyzoneisback Mon 07-Sep-09 19:14:47

urghhh - not for me thanks.

EccentricaGallumbits Mon 07-Sep-09 19:15:44

poncy and yuk. give them a chupa chup.

S1ur Mon 07-Sep-09 19:15:44

weee-ll my dd's birthday (and party) is on Sunday and has a disorganised loose theme of bugs, butterflies and so on. Theme mostly meaning that I am baking a butterfly cake at her request and various other insect related decorations and so on.

anywaaaaaay, a local museum have an 'bug exhibtion' on atm and it is wicked and in their gift shop the are selling lollipops with insects inside, completely edible - utterly gross. But kids eh? they are a bit weird and gross themselves........

Ramon - Ordinarily I would only include a small piece of organic fruit and an educational book but I was taken by the novelty factor wink

TheDMshouldbeRivened Mon 07-Sep-09 19:17:01


PortAndLemon Mon 07-Sep-09 19:18:08

not so much, IMO...

GreensleevesFlouncedLikeAKnob Mon 07-Sep-09 19:18:29






if my ds got one of these in a party bag I think I would move him to a different schoolgrin

TheProfiteroleThief Mon 07-Sep-09 19:19:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

S1ur Mon 07-Sep-09 19:20:23

My personal leaning is that kids would think ooooh parents would think errrrr.

hippipotamiHasLost65lbs Mon 07-Sep-09 19:20:36

Again, I think it depends on the age of the child - my 10 year old and his friends would think 'cool', but my 6 year old and her friends would not be happy (and neither would their parents)

S1ur Mon 07-Sep-09 19:23:30

There are seriously nasty I agree Greeny, though that's certainly not a reason not to give 'em to children.

<ignores amount of far more horrible stuff dcs have put in their mouths in last few years> blush

A bigger concern of mine is the parents who might actually think I was insane, or trying to poison their children or possibly a member of an odd cult hmm

S1ur Mon 07-Sep-09 19:24:15

a very good point hippipotqami

skybright Mon 07-Sep-09 19:41:23

Yuck,i think it's horrible.

hatwoman Mon 07-Sep-09 19:48:46

if they came with a museum-type label that indicated they were safe, edible etc and not home made (barfff) then I'd think they were, to use dd-language, way cool. so would my dds. though one would also find it freaky and a bit scarey and probably wouldn't eat it. they sound great.

hatwoman Mon 07-Sep-09 19:50:02

dds are 9 and 7 btw - but I'm not sure age has much to do with it as I think they'd have had the same reaction 2 years ago, and would do in 2 years' time.

Fennel Tue 08-Sep-09 11:06:31

My 9 and 8 yo dds would love them, totally.

you'd need a vegetarian alternative though. Plant mould or similar.

Acanthus Tue 08-Sep-09 11:09:50

I think they sound awful.

My kids would absolutely love them.

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