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Great Fancy Dress Ideas for both Me and DH in the theme of TV / Movie Stars Please

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AnyoneForPimms Tue 25-Aug-09 15:13:20


Have been invited to a 40th fancy dress birthday in the theme of TV / Movie Stars.

I must admit I've never been to a fancy dress party (sad I know!) so don't know where to start.

Anyone help?

Thanks smile

greygirl Thu 27-Aug-09 17:31:50

me and husband went as marty & doc from back to the future once (I was 6 weeks after birth so white coat very handy to hide excess weight). husband wore check shirt, jeans and a padded waistcoat and walkman. also very retro/eighties, good for a 40th party. oh but the doc has to keep saying 'great scott' and marty has to keep saying - 'it's heavy'.
you could do star wars - hans solo and leia (or jabba i supposesmile) the matrix (but you need to be slim to pull off all that leather).
Batman and catwoman?
charlie and the chocolate factory characters?
barbarella (great for girls)
rocky horror (if you are brave).
what films do you like?

greygirl Thu 27-Aug-09 17:33:24

ooh ooh or anthony and cleopatra!
how cool would that be!
but you might be the only ones who have REALLY tried, so some of my previous suggestions might be preferable i suppose sad

brimfull Thu 27-Aug-09 17:34:13

not technically a tv/movie star but dd went as Amy Winehouse which is fairly easy .
Party dress-slutty as poss
do the hair and makeup as amy
draw tattoo

AnyoneForPimms Sat 29-Aug-09 07:12:57

Great ideas!
Anyone else? smile

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