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Two Kids With Birthdays Near Christmas

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shinyshilling Sat 15-Aug-09 08:02:19

We have two kids whose birthdays are very close to Christmas (DD1 will be 1 on 23rd Dec and DD2, 4 on 12th Jan). We've talked, and would prefer not to compromise on time spent on planning, carrying out birthday parties etc at what is already a very busy time. We also think it will be very costly for us and others over the years and that people might not come to parties etc so close to Christmas. So, we've decided to have a 'Summer Birthday' - a joint party day next summer for them both. Our DD2 loved this idea.

Just wondered if anyone else has done this? How did you tell people and how did they respond? What did you do on your kids' real birthdays. We wondered about going out for tea, a card from us but no presents.

How has this worked out for others?

Thanks for your ideas.

elmofan Sat 15-Aug-09 11:45:02

both my dc's birthdays are also close to Christmas but it has never been a problem
DD (3) NEW YEARS EVE = we always have a big party in the house lots of food & drink as its a great way of seeing family & friends to wish them happy new year ,
ds (10) January 29th = we usually hire out a fun place for his parties as lots of boys of that age running riot in the house would be a nightmare imo smile
if your dc's are happy with a summer party then that's a great idea , my ds has always missed out on having a bouncy castle because his birthday is in winter .

Stinkyfeet Sat 15-Aug-09 11:49:48

Sorry, from someone with a close to Christmas birthday, please give them presents on their birthday! Buy them in the summer if necessary for budgeting purposes, but they'll feel really hard done by not to get anything on the day. After all, it's not their fault when their birthdays fall!

Oh, and don't wrap the presents in Christmas wrapping paper!!! HTH grin

waitingforbedtime Sat 15-Aug-09 11:54:23

Agree with Stinkyfeet. ds and dh both have birthdays VERY near Xmas. They still ahve their birthday like any other person would. Ds will be having a proper party this year for the first time (will be 3 on 23/12) but other times we've had tea parties. He's always got presents on his birthday, wrapped in birthday paper

The only thing we do is buy toys that will last him the whole year iyswim? He always gets an absurd amount so I will admit that in the past I have put some away (once opened) for later in the year.

Clary Sat 15-Aug-09 12:14:49

To put the other PoV...DS1's best pal has his b/day on Christmas Day. What a nightmare.

But what they do is celebrate it at home on the day and then have a party sometime around Christmas.

It has been early in Dec, but it has also been on say Dec 27. You'd be surprised (or perhaps not) how many people are delighted to offload their DC for a couple of hours in those days between Chr and New Year grin

It may be sold as a busy time but IME lots of people are off work, fed up of rubbish TV and the kids are keen to play with their pals so it works well.

Yes, you can't have a bouncy castle etc but the mum has had swim parties, theatre trips, games at home etc. It seems to work well.

shinyshilling Sat 15-Aug-09 12:39:19

Thanks...we've already decided that the summer's good for us all and DD2 is very excited about it. All our family live away and it's hard to get everyone back together again so soon after Christmas. We don't want them to grow up always getting presents months after their birthday because family weren't together.

I think the birthday after Christmas is fine...all of the festivities have died down and peole are looking for something to do, so that's not really a problem, but just before Christmas is a busy time for us and others. I'm normally preparing house, dinner,presents etc for loads of family arriving, and I'd like to be able to give my undivided time to my daughter as a separate event and for it not to feel squeezed in.

Just wondered how other people who had done this had engineered it!

Clary Sat 15-Aug-09 12:52:29

Oh OK. Don't personally know anyone who does this.

<calculates> I can think of 4-5 kids we know well with late-dec b/days and they all have always had party on or around the day.

I can see that's not much help if you have decided to celebrate in summer. But I would say pls give them pressies on the birthday itself as well.

shinyshilling Sat 15-Aug-09 12:59:55

The presents aren't really the issue tbh, it's the idea of spending quality time planning and preparing a great fun birthday without worrying about having to prepare Christmas for loads of other people. Our family aren't the closest in the world and Christmas can already be a very stressful time!

Clary Sun 16-Aug-09 21:18:24

Asked my DD about this as she has been to several parties on about Dec 22 or so.

Her view that a party for the same child in July would not be a birthday party - so for the sake of yr DD, I suggest you don't give it that title.

Have a tea party for family on the day, then throw a big summer bash just for the fun - why not indeed?

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