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how do I celebrate my 40th - ideas please!

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chocolateshoes Mon 03-Aug-09 19:50:11

I turn 40 in January and had originally planned to go to CentreParcs with DH & DS (4) - the idea being to have family time but also some time out in the spa. However I've just looked on the website and they are filly booked because my birthday falls in the school holidays. We can't go any other time in Jan as I'm a teacher and will be at work. So, has anyone got any other ideas. We aree in the North-West but don't mind driving a bit. Need something that ticks the boxes of entertaining DS and giving me some pampering. Am stuck!

twinklytoes Mon 03-Aug-09 22:36:03

griffon forest i bookmarked this from another mnetter, not sure if its just for grown ups as just saw the hot tubs and thought thats for me without a second thought for the children!

chocolateshoes Tue 04-Aug-09 11:11:56

thanks TT - looks great but not sure if there'll b enough for DS too

liliputlady Tue 04-Aug-09 20:12:50

Darwin Forest in Matlock, Derbyshire lovely, we've had a few breaks and celebrations there.

moondog Tue 04-Aug-09 20:23:16

We wnet to Fowey Hall for a special occasion. It's one of the Luxury Family Hotels groups and I must say, it was bloody great and I am incredibly fussy. Also not really that expensive as they do great dinner b& b deals. Very child friendly but sophisticated and they do an early high tea for kids [as well as having onsite nursery] so yuo can have a nice child free dinner after a day doing stuff together.

The link is from the reviews on Mumsnet.Check them out for other ideas.

chocolateshoes Wed 05-Aug-09 21:33:47

ta! will go and research!

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