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30th birthday present for Miss Impossible

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blondiep14 Sun 26-Jul-09 19:37:46

My sis ( & I!!) will be 30 later this year & I have absolutely no idea what to get her.
I am skint and a SAHM after redundancy this year, she is a real career girl, lives in a 'warehouse' type 'space' and is VERY picky, not to mention snobby!
On the one hand I would like to get her something she can keep, but she doesn't wear jewellery, certainly none I could afford!
She has pedicures & other beauty treatments regularly so they wouldn't be a treat.
I can't even buy something for her pad as she can't buy stuff without her OH being with her (no comment!!), ruling out photo frames etc.
My other sis has brought it up but she says she doesn't really 'do' birthday's and her and her OH will prob just go to NY for the weekend.
Any ideas???!

ilovemydogandmrobama Sun 26-Jul-09 19:40:47

Neal's Yard Lavender Bath Salts smile
bottle of champagne (and 2 straws wink)
Brora cashmere socks smile

And happy birthday to you too. I take it you're twins?

blondiep14 Sun 26-Jul-09 19:50:13

Oooh, you know, cashmere socks is a great idea as she flies all over the place, they're not itchy are they?? She's so bloody picky, even before she was minted she was a PITA to buy for!!

Thank you. Aye, twins, and polar opposites grin

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