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would you ds go to a Hannah Montana party???

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Carameli Fri 24-Jul-09 15:02:35

DD wants to invite her whole class as she has lots of pals that are boys as well as girls.
This is fine, however she has recently been talking non stop about a Hannah Montana party, would your ds go to one or is it too girly? I have looked at the party stuff and it very very pink.

We will have a general entertainer at the party so I think it will probably just be decorations etc on the table. I will make sure there are boyish party bags

Also without knowing much about Hannah Montana at all as I am just finding out about her is she suitable for a 6yr old?

FranSanDisco Fri 24-Jul-09 15:08:10

I just asked DS 6yo and he said he would go smile. Dd became interested in HM around 7 yo. I like her because she has real musical talent; sings, plays guitar and composes her own songs. Some of the vocab is very American but on the whole not too awful. Any scenes showing boyfriend/girlfriend lovey doveyness is usually very embarrassing for dd and she puts a cushion over her face smile

DarrellRivers Fri 24-Jul-09 15:08:34

I would get hannah montana stuff for the girls plates etc, and some more boylike stuff like ben10 for the boys
Or go neutral on plates and have 2 different napkins etc

Carameli Fri 24-Jul-09 15:11:40

ah ben10 of course, great idea, thanks. My ds1 and ds2 and 2.5yrs and 12 weeks so not up to speed on the current trends for boys

TheProfiteroleThief Fri 24-Jul-09 15:21:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FranSanDisco Fri 24-Jul-09 15:23:47

Hannah's brother is Jackson. I am sure a 'Jonas Brother' also appeared on there at some point. I tend to zone out.

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